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Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers

Aquatic Research Scientist, Native Cutthroat Trout

Contact Information

Aquatic Research Group

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

PO Box 775777         

Steamboat Springs, CO  80477

Phone: (970) 846-7145



  • Ph.D., Fishery Science — Colorado State University, 1998

  • M.S., Fishery Science — Colorado State University, 1993

  • B.S., Biology — University of Colorado, 1988

  • B.S., Molecular Biology  — University of Colorado, 1988

Current or Recent Positions

  • Aquatic Research Scientist — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2003-Present

  • Aquatic Biologist — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2000-2003

  • Aquatic Technician — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 1996-2000

  • Research Associate — Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research, 1990-1996

Areas of Interest/Expertise

My primary research covers all aspects of cutthroat trout conservation and management but has been focused recently on developing the taxonomy of southern Rocky Mountain subspecies. In addition, I maintain ongoing projects dealing with hydroacoustics, mountain whitefish, northern pike, and tiger trout.

Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Cutthroat trout taxonomy – molecular and meristic investigations

  • Fitness in small populations - consequences of genetic bottlenecks

  • Adaptive capacity in cutthroat trout

  • Population viability

  • Mechanical removal of competing non-native salmonids

  • Cutthroat trout movement and habitat use in small streams

  • Methods to improve success of salmonid wild spawn operations

  • Hydroacoustic methods to estimate trout population and individual size

  • Software development

Select Publications

Zeigler, M. P., K. B. Rogers, J. J. Roberts, A. S. Todd, and K. D. Fausch.  2019.  Predicting persistence of Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout populations in an uncertain future.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 39:819-848.

Bestgen, K. R., K. B. Rogers, R. Granger.  2019.  Distinct phenotypes of native Cutthroat Trout emerge under a molecular model of lineage distributions.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 148:442-463

Rogers, K. B., K. R. Bestgen, S. M. Love Stowell, and A. P. Martin.  2018.  Cutthroat Trout diversity in the southern Rocky Mountains.  Pages 323-341 in P. Trotter, P. Bisson, B. Roper, and L. Schultz, editors.  Evolutionary biology and taxonomy of Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii), American Fisheries Society Special Publication 36, Bethesda, Maryland.

Rogers, K. B., K. R. Bestgen, and J. Epp.  2014.  Using genetic diversity to inform conservation efforts for native Cutthroat Trout of the southern Rocky Mountains.  Pages 218-228 in Carline, R.F., and C. LoSapio, editors.  Proceedings of the Wild Trout XI symposium, Bozeman, Montana.  Available online at

Brinkman, S. F., H. J. Crockett, and K. B. Rogers.  2013.  Upper thermal tolerance of mountain whitefish (Prosopium williamsoni) eggs and fry.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 142:824-831.

Metcalf, J. L., S. L. Stowell, C. M. Kennedy, K. B. Rogers, J. Epp, K. Keepers, A. Cooper, J. J. Austin, A. P. Martin. 2012. A comparison of 19th and 21st century DNA and historical stocking data reveals the extent of human-induced changes to native diversity and distribution of cutthroat trout. Molecular Ecology 21:5194-5207.

Underwood, Z. E., C. A. Myrick, and K. B. Rogers. 2012. Effect of acclimation temperature and the upper thermal tolerance of Colorado River cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticus. Journal of Fish Biology 80:2420-2433.

Rogers, K. B. 2010. Cutthroat trout taxonomy: exploring the heritage of Colorado's state fish. Carline, R. F., and C. LoSapio, editors. Conserving wild trout. Proceedings of the Wild Trout X Symposium, Bozeman, Montana. Available online at

Rogers, K. B., and G. C. White. 2007. Analysis of movement and habitat use from telemetry data. M. Brown and C. Guy, editors. Analysis and interpretation of freshwater fisheries data. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland.

Recent Reports

Rogers, K. B., J. White, and M. Japhet.  2018.  Rediscovery of a lost Cutthroat Trout lineage in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife report, Steamboat Springs.

Rogers, K. B.  2015.  User manual for WaTSS 3.0 (Water temperature summary software).  Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Bestgen, K, R., K. B. Rogers, and R. Granger.  2013.  Phenotype predicts genotype for lineages of native cutthroat trout in the southern Rocky Mountains.  Final Report to U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado Field Office, Denver Federal Center (MS 65412), Denver, CO. Larval Fish Laboratory Contribution 177.

Rogers, K. B.  2012.  Piecing together the past: using DNA to resolve the heritage of our state fish. Colorado Outdoors 61(5):28-32