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​​​​​Food is not extremely important in short term survival situations, since humans can live up to three or four weeks without food. No one should starve to death in the continental United States. You will, however, be more efficient, alert and confident if you are able to satisfy your hunger. 

There are likely to be many sources of food in your area, but you may have to change your way of thinking in order to recognize them. If you are fortunate enough to get lost in a pinon pine forest, pinon nuts and pine needle tea will keep you alive for a long period of time. Don’t get hung up on wild green edibles as they contain cellulose, which humans can't digest. Generally speaking, anything that walks, crawls, hops, flies, swims or wiggles is edible. All must be cooked before eating. 

Your gun or fishing equipment, assuming you have them, should provide the best means for a meal. Weigh the costs and benefits: don’t waste more energy catching an animal than you will get from consuming it. Avoid game or fish that appear to be sick, lazy, or act strange. Learn how to make and use snares. You must have enough wire to make a dozen or more snares. Set them over a wide area and hope for the best. Colorado Parks and Wildlife laws and regulations must be followed unless you are in a true survival situation.

Never eat wild berries or mushrooms. A single mouthful could be enough to kill you. Keep in mind that: 

  • 95 percent of all white and yellow berries are poisonous

  • 50 percent of all red berries are poisonous

  • 85 percent of blue and black berries are edible, but of the remaining 15 percent, about 5 percent will kill you, and the other 10 percent will make you wish you were dead

The best method of all is to carry enough food with you to sustain you in an emergency. There are many ways of acquiring food. For more information, refer to your local library or bookstore.