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Northeast OUT Workshops
Northeast OUT Workshops
OUT Class

​Denver Outdoor Understanding for Teachers 

Coming in 2019!

Explore the Outdoors from Plains to Peaks during this Professional Development Institute for Teachers in the Denver Metro Area!​ Visit sites around the Denver Area to enhance your own understanding of Colorado ecosystems.

​​​Thompson OUT​ 

Coming in 2019!

Thompson T.E.N. at Devil's Backbone. Thompson Outdoor Understanding for Teachers (OUT) is a two- to three-day outdoor environmental education workshop designed for educators interested in teaching using the natural world and encouraging outdoor exploration and learning in their lessons. 

OUT workshops are customized to district education needs, Colorado Academic ​Standards, and other existing curricula.

Thompson OUT helps Loveland-area teachers develop environmental education skills and techniques through field trips and other experiences in local outdoor settings, including: Devil's Backbone, (via a partnership with Larimer County Open Lands); Rocky Mountain National Park, and Boyd Lake State Park. 

While some content of workshop is tailored to the Thompson R2J School District and local outdoor areas, all educators are welcome to attend! 
Contact Jennifer Standlee, 303/291-7328,​ for registration information.​