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Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
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2020 Colorado State Archery Tournament 

Congratulations to Tournament Winners!

Our virtual state tournament gives every student that participates in NASP® during the school day a chance to compete with other archers. See below for State tournament results. Teams and individual winners will receive an award for their efforts. Thank you to all who have participated in the tournament!

Team Results 

Elementary Division 

1st Place: Renaissance Magnet School-Team 1, Score: 2640 Tens: 5
2nd Place: Rock Ridge Elementary-Team 1, Score: 2379 Tens: 35
3rd Place: Pear Park Elementary-Team 1, Score: 2195 Tens: 34

Middle School Division 

1st Place: Olathe Middle High School- Team 1, Score: 3057 Tens: 93
2nd Place: Renaissance Magnet School-Team 1, Score: 2953 Tens: 130
3rd Place: Moffat Pk-12 School-Team 1, Score: 2711 Tens: 37

High School Division 

1st Place: Olathe Middle High School-Team 1, Score: 3221 Tens: 111
2nd Place: Moffat Pk-12 School-Team 1, Score: 3021 Tens: 66
3rd Place: Poudre High School-Team 1, Score: 2903 Tens: 65

Colorado State Archery Tournament Overview

For more details about the tournament, see the Tournament Ove​rview​ or contact Elizabeth Angell at

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