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Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
Archery in Schools Tournaments Page

​​​2024 Colorado State Archery Tournament Students at OMHS during the 2020 virtual tournament.

Our virtual state tournament gives every student that participates in NASP® during the school day a chance to compete with other archers. The CASP virtual tournament is open to schools with a certified Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) who has taught at least 10 hours of archery prior to the tournament. For more on getting certified, check out our Basic Archery Instructor Trainings page.

2024 Tournament Dates

  • January 16: Registrat​ion opens. There is a fee of $1 per archer.
  • February 29: Registration closes.
  • February 1-29: Colorado Statewide Virtual Tournament is open. Formal competition is held on individual school grounds.
  • March 3: Scores finalized and posted.

Tournament Overview

For more details about the tournament, see the Tournament Ove​rview​ or contact Kellina Gilbreth at kellina.gilbreth@st​​s