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Basic Archery Instructor Trainings
Basic Archery Instructor Trainings
CPW students at a BAI Training.
​Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) courses are designed for Colorado teachers, especially physical education teachers, who want to become a certified National Archery in the Schools (NASP) BAI instructor. This NASP program allows teachers to incorporate an archery unit into their school curriculum, and meets Colorado Academic Standards in Health and Physical Education as well as other disciplines such as math and science. Core content covers range setup, safety, teaching techniques, equipment, mental concentration, and self-improvement. This program is for in-school archery instruction only. 

Requirements for BAI certification:​

  • At least 18 years old or older
  • Colorado-certified 4th through 12th grade teacher
  • Take the BAI course and pass the practical test 
  • Score at least 70% on the written test
  • Complete the end of workshop online survey

Current BAI Trainings and Events

For a full list of NASP® courses offered in Colorado, please visit the NASP® Class Search page. 

If you are interested in a BAI course fill out our BAI Interest Form, or contact Kellina Gilbreth at kellina.gilbreth@st​at​​s

Next scheduled trainings will be in October.
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Refresher Courses

  • ​BAI refresher courses happen in the fall and offer more advanced training. See the Teacher Workshops page for current course listings.
  • The CASP coordinator, upon request, can connect you with available regional trainers to provide refresher training or on-site assistance to certified BAIs.