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Fees and Description
Fees and Description

​​Full-hookup campground

$32-41 per night
Full campground hookup involves highly developed facilities. Individual campsites will be designated and include a high-use tent pad with a table, grill and/or fire ring, and individual pressurized water, sewer and/or electrical connections. Flushing toilets, lavatory and shower facilities, and trash receptacles will be available. A grocery store, food service facilities, a sanitary dump station and laundry facilities or other developed amenities may also be available.

Please note that certain full-hookup campgrounds have the water turned off during colder months. Be sure to read all alerts and important information presented when making your reservation to make sure all desired amenities are available.

​Electrical campground

$28-36 per night
Electrical campgrounds are fairly developed facilities. Individual campsites will be designated and include a high-use tent pad, picnic table, grill and/or fire ring, and individual electrical connections.

Basic campground

$22-28 per night
Basic campgrounds include basic facilities and improvements. Individual campsites shall be designated and include a table, grill and/or fire ring.

Primitive campground

$14-18 per night
Primitive campgrounds include only limited facilities or improvements. Individual campsites may not be designated and may not include individual tables, grills or fire rings. Centrally located vault toilets and trash receptacles may be provided; however, drinking water generally will not be available.

For more specific park campsite information, visit the camping page of the park you plan to visit​.

​Additional Information​

Fees for each park and campsite type are updated on each individual park​​ page. Please see the fees page for the park you plan to reserve for exact pricing by date and site type.​

Aspen Leaf discount rates are for Sunday thru Thursday. This discount does not apply to cabin or yurt fees. No discount is given for Friday, Saturday, or holiday and day prior to a holiday stays.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reserves the right to change camping fees, reservations fees, change fees, cancel fees and discount fees at any time. 

In case of such event, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will have details on the CPW homepage and all CPW offices. 

​Please see the reservation fees page for more information.​