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​​​​​​​​Length of Stay

  • There is a 14 day maximum stay allowed per park during any 28 day period. This may be 14 consecutive days or 14 days spread throughout the 28 days.
  • Violating this rule may result in a citation and you will be asked to leave the park. Camping fees may be kept for any reservation violating this rule.​

Campsite Occupancy

  • One camping unit with up to 6 people is allowed per campsite. A violation of this regulation may result in the visitor being required to purchase an additional campsite (if available), or the reservation may be terminated and the appropriate fees refunded. A camping unit is defined as the maximum combination of camping equipment allowed in one campsite. 
  • The allowable combinations are: One passenger vehicle and two tents; or One motorized vehicle towing a camping trailer and one tent (if space allows) If space permits, one additional passenger vehicle and/or motorcycle may be parked at a campsite.

Vehicle Pass

  • A vehicle pass is required for all vehicles entering a State Park. Vehicle fees are separate from camping fees.

Towed Vehicle Pass

  • The towed vehicle pass is intended for a vehicle that is towed in by a motor home. The motor home is required to have a ​​paid pass and the towed vehicle pass is issued at no charge to a vehicle towed or carried in by a motor home. 
  • To receive the towed vehicle pass, a camping permit or proof of a camping reservatio​​n must be presented at an attended visitor center, office, or entrance station. The towed vehicle pass is placed on the vehicle being towed and the tow vehicle must be under tow at the time of entry. 
  • The towed vehicle pass is valid for the same time period as the camping permit/reservation. 
  • Note: Slide-in truck campers do not qualify for towed vehicle passes. For more information, please refer to the Regulations Chapter P-07. ​


  • ​​P​ets are welcome in most State Parks. They must be kept on a six foot leash and be under control at all times. 
  • Please remember to pick up after your pets. Failure to do so may result in a fine. 
  • Some cabins and yurts allow pets for an additional $10 per night fee.

Off-Season Camping

  • ​​​Some campgrounds are closed completely during the off season. 
  • Some State Parks do not have campsites available for reservations during the off season, but allow camping on a first-come, first-served basis; please visit the specific park page for details on their first-come, first-served camping options. 
  • Only cabins, yurts and a​ limited number of campsites are reserved during winter.​​


  • ​A parent or guardian must accompany youths under 18 years of age. The person whose name appears on the reservation is responsible for the condition of the site. The Park Manager may approve the stay of a youth. For questions, please call the park directly.