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Towed Water Sports
Towed Water Sports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Water skiing and similar towed water sports are very popular in Colorado. Keep lakes and reservoirs safe and enjoyable by remembering a few simple tips!

The following rules and tips apply to people towed on water skis, aquaplanes, inner tubes and any similar devices:

  1. In any designated ski area, travel is counterclockwise. There is often a center line of ski buoys for guidance. 

  2. It takes three to ski! An observer is required to be on board when someone is skiing. The observer is a vital communication link between the skier and the driver.

  3. An orange or red flag (minimum 12-inch square) must be used to signal when a skier goes down. The flag must remain up until both the skier and equipment are retrieved.

  4. With the exception of designated ski take-off or landing areas, water-skiing and similar activities may not occur within 150 feet of any harbor, swimming beach, mooring area or any location that is posted as closed to water skiing.

  5. Water skiing is prohibited between sunset and​ sunrise.

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