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Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Scuba divers must display a warning flag when diving. The flag has one diagonal white stripe on a red background and must be identifiable from 100 yards away. Place the flag at or near the point of submergence. Divers must stay within a 100-foot radius of the flag. 

Vessels must stay 100 feet away from the diver's flag.

Scuba divers must keep a distance of at least 100 feet from dam outlet structures. 

If a vessel is engaged in diving operations, it must display the international code flag "A" or Alpha flag. The flag must be at least one meter in height and blue and white in color. The Alpha flag will warn other vessels that the boat is restricted in its ability to maneuver. The boat's Alpha flag is required in addition to the diver's flag. 

For additional details, see regulation in the Boating Statu​tes & Regulations.

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