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Fishing Is Fun Program
Fishing Is Fun Program
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Fishing is Fun Awards $400,000 to 9 Angling Projects  

In June 2017, Colorado Parks and Wildlife awarded grant funds of $400,000 to nine projects that aim to improve angling opportunities around Colorado. This y​ear’s approved projects were geared toward improved access, habitat building, restoration and lake renovation, as well as creating new piers and new ponds.​

Two of the larger project grants were awarded for new ponds in the towns of Akron and Penrose. These new ponds will provide local angling opportunities for the residents of the two towns, providing close-to-home fishing for families without needing to travel to more distant options. The ponds will also hold clinics to benefit new and youth anglers in the area.

Read about the other seven projects within the FIF Awards news release.

The Fishing Is Fun program provides up to $400,000 in matching grants annually to local and county governments, park and recreation departments, water districts, angling organizations and others for projects to improve angling opportunities in Colorado.

Fishing is Fun logoProject Types

Among the types of projects supported through Fishing Is Fun are stream and river habitat improvements, access improvements, perpetual easements for public access, pond and lake habitat improvements, fish retention structures, development of new fishing ponds, and amenity improvements such as shade shelters, benches and restrooms.


  • Late November - Program announcements are typically made 
  • Early March - Proposals due at Parks and Wildlife area offices. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local District Wildlife Manager or Aquatic Biologist for their input into the proposal prior to submittal. 
  • Early May - A review panel meets for project presentations and to develop funding recommendations. 
  • Mid-June - A final list of projects and funding is approved by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director.


Over nearly 25 years, the Fishing Is Fun program has supported nearly 300 angling improvement projects across the state, from the smallest towns on the Eastern Plains and the West Slope to the major metropolitan areas along the Front Range. In just the last few years, grants have been awarded for projects in or near Steamboat Springs, Lake City, Hudson, Idaho Springs, Pueblo and nearly two dozen other locations. Project sponsors have included open-space programs, water trusts, angling organizations, local and county governments and park and recreation departments.