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Program Overview
Program Overview

​​​​​​​​​The Forest Management Program is directed at reducing the risk of large wildfires and improving forest resiliency​ to insect and disease epidemics.  This is of the utmost importance due to the ever increasing wildland-urban interface, drought, fire suppression and mature forests with high fuel content.

Fuels reduction treatments are accomplished in a number of ways and varies by forest type.  The main goal is to slow the spread of wildfire to protect people and structures.  In some cases, fuels mitigation can also improve the resistance of trees to disease and pests, protect watersheds or restore historic ecological conditions.

Current fuels mitigation projects include:

  • Defensible Space

  • Prescribed Burning

  • Thinning in Ponderosa and Oak

  • Lodgepole Pine Patch Cuts

  • Selective thinning of Aspen​

Program benefits include:

  • Reduces the risk of costly and deadly wildfires

  • Protects park structures by creating a defensible space

  • Wood that is cut becomes firewood, post & pole and lumber

  • Helps protect neighboring communities from wildfire

  • Some projects improve wildlife habitat

  • Can improve the resistance of trees to disease and pests

  • Increases visitor safety by reducing fire intensity and improving evacuation times

  • Preserves scenic quality of Parks

Individuals can help reduce fire risk by participating in fuels mitigation on their property.  The effectiveness of the park projects increases, when neighbors participate in fuels mitigation.  Information and assistance for private property owners is available through the Colorado State Forest Service at 970-491-6303.