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Colorado's Recreational Trails Committee
Colorado's Recreational Trails Committee

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Recreational Trails Committee ​

The Colorado Recreational Trails Committee​ consists of nine members (current roster) appointed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission representing Colorado’s seven congressional districts, one at-large member that currently represents snowmobile interests, and one member who represents the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board.

Section 33-11-105 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and the Commission’s Policy A-104 establishes and refines the Trails Committee’s membership and representation requirements. In accordance with state statute, the State Recreational Trails Committee reviews, scores, and ranks grant applications and formulates funding recommendations to the Commission for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division’s (CPW) Trail Grant Programs. The Trails Committee advises the Commission and CPW on all matters pertaining to trails, their use, extent, location and funding.

Pursuant to the Commission’s Policy A-104 regarding membership and appointments:

Committee Tenure: Committee appointments are staggered with four appointments made every two years. Committee member appointments are term limited to two four-year terms.

Committee Vacancies: Vacancies on the Trails Committee are created by resignation, expiration of appointed terms, or removal with cause from the Trails Committee by the Commission. If a vacancy on the Trails Committee occurs, a successor will be appointed by the Commission to fill the unexpired term.

The roles of the Recreational Trails Committee (RTC) are to:

  • Advise Colorado's Trails Program on strategic and policy issues.
  • Review trail grant procedures and funding programs.
  • Provide a liaison with trail user groups.
  • Help plan and participate in the Colorado Trails Symposium and other events.

​Please send all public comments and messages to All comments will be provided to the State Trails Committee member(s).​


About the Trails Program

About the Trails Program

Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Trails Program, administers grants for trail-related projects on an annual basis.

Trails Committee Roster

Committee Roster

The nine volunteer Trails Committee me​mbers work cooperatively for trails and greenways throughout the state.

Trails Committee Upcoming Meetings

Committee Meetings

See the annual meeting schedule and details on upcoming meetings.​

Trails Committee News and Events

News & Events

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News and information about Colorado's motorized and non-motorized trails.

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Trail Grant Application Review Process

The Colorado Recreational Trails Committee (the Committee) is responsible for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) trail grant (Non-M​otorized, LWCF, and Motorized) application review process and makes recommendations to the CPW Commission regarding funding strategies for grants. 

Public Comments: are invited for all grant applications at each step of the review process (upon submission and posting of the application, before the subcommittees, before the State Recreational Trails Committee and before the Parks and Wildlife Commission​) and every public comment is evaluated as part of a subcommittee's grant review and ranking process. 

Trail Grant Application review and ranking process follows this review and approval protocol: 

  1. ​All grant applications are first reviewed by CPW wildlife field biologists and regional CPW staff. CPW's field staff will attempt to resolve any concerns prior to the subcommittees review. 

  2. Applications are then posted online on the trails grants pages and evaluated by the grant review and ranking subcommittees which score and rank the trail grant applications in order of their recommended funding priority. 

  3. The ranked applications are then passed to the Committee which evaluates the applications in ranked order and recommends funding strategies to the Parks and Wildlife Commission.  

  4. The Commission provides the final funding approval to the projects receiving grant allocations.

  5. Once the annual trail grant selection process is completed, the Committee reviews the previous grant applications, and reviews policies and procedures for the next year's grant program.​