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Turn In Poachers (TIP)
Turn In Poachers (TIP)

​​The antlers of a bull moose poached out of season in the Vail area. The carcass was found on the morning of Sept. 29th, 2003.The Turn in Poachers (TIP) program began in September 2004. This program allows people who turn in poachers to receive preference points or even licenses in some cases.  This program was created in addition to the existing Operation Game Thief (OGT) program​.

The TIP program applies only to reports of illegal take or possession or willful destruction of Big Game or Turkey.

In order to be eligible for the license or point rewards, the reporting party must be willing to testify. This is in contrast to OGT,​ which will pay rewards even to anonymous parties.

The basics, with some special restrictions for very limited units, are: 

  • If a person reports a violation which results in a charge of illegal take or possession, they may receive preference points or an over the counter license.   

  • If a person reports a violation which results in a charge of willful destruction or the illegal take involves an animal that meets the trophy requirements of 33-6-109(3.4) (The Samson Law) then the person can receive a limited license for the same unit and species as the reported violation.  

  • In all cases the reporting party must otherwise be eligible to receive the license, including meeting hunter education requirements and not being under suspension.  The reporting parties may not receive both a TIP reward and a cash OGT reward for the same incident.  

  • If the case is dismissed, fine paid or the suspect pleads guilty but the reporting party was willing to testify if necessary then they will still be eligible for the reward. 

Please review the regulations​ (scroll to page 9 within PDF file) to see more detail of the circumstances which allow a preference point or a license to be awarded. 

To report poachers, call us toll-free within Colorado at 1-877-COLO-OGT, Verizon cell phone users can dial #OGT, or contact us via e-mail at​​. Please specify which type of reward you are interested in (OGT or TIP). Help us make this program a success.