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Your Help
Your Help


Without the support of those who love and appreciate our wildlife, most of our work would be impossible! From reporting animal whereabouts to volunteering in the field, your efforts make a substantial difference in conserving Colorado’s wildlife. 

​Spread the Word

Help us raise awareness about our work to conserve Colorado wildlife by sharing your favorite stories, tweeting, and reminding your friends and family to enjoy our natural spaces responsibly​. For example, ensure that those around y​ou keep their dogs on leashes and pick up after them and encourage your neighbors to keep their cats indoors, where they don’t pose a threat to birds and bats. 

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Share your knowledge

Volunteer wildlife watcher.​​Get involved in citizen science with our State Parks Nature Finder on the iNaturalist app. If you spot something special, fill out a sighting form. When you come across invasive species, report them. When we all pool our knowledge, we can be more efficient in our research and monitoring efforts. 

Volunteer Your Time

CPW offers countless volunteer opportunities​, many of them conservation-oriented! Check with your local state park to find out if you can help in the Raptor Monitoring programRiver Watch​ team or Youth Conservation Corp. ​Volunteer efforts make many of our conservation goals attainable!

Contribute To Our Resources

Volunteers planting a tree a Barr Lake State Park.

​Making financial donations to our agency and partners helps us to complete more work in the field toward conserving the species you love. We accept donations online and by mail, and the threatened and endangered species tax checkoff​ directly supports our conservation work. 

Learn About Conservation

CPW aims to educate and inspire current and future generations to serve as active stewards of our beautiful state. Read more about our conservation education initiatives​ here.​