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Habitat Management Actions
Habitat Management Actions

​​​CPW supports wildlife habitat protection and improvement efforts on private and public land through a variety of cooperative programs with landowners, land management agencies, nongovernmental organizations and sportsman groups. 

Efforts to improve habitat conditions include a whole host of mechanical manipulations, fertilizations, plant seeding, noxious weed treatments, forest management, etc and providing input on land management decisions to a variety of land management agencies.

A prominent component of CPW's habitat management is the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program (CWHP). ​

A habitat stamp must be purchased before a someone can purchase a hunting or fishing license in Colorado (only one habitat stamp is required per person each year). The habitat stamp generates about $6 million per year in revenue. By statute, revenue generated by the habitat stamp is earmarked for habitat protection and enhancement. The program provides a means to work with private landowners, local governments, and conservation organizations to protect important fish and wildlife habitat and provide places for people to enjoy our wildlife heritage.

The Colorado Habitat Stamp legislation was passed in 2006. Since then, Habitat Stamp funds have protected 174,000 acres of wildlife habitat, including over 100,000 acres of big game winter range and migration corridors.