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In the 1960s and 1970s, the Mammals section was a big game research section with a primary focus towards deer, elk, antelope and bighorn sheep and these species respective range-habitat issues. Reflecting broadening agency responsibilities, the spectrum of the section in the early 1980s widened to include large carnivores and threatened species. During this time, the section's size of staff and diversity of projects necessitated two research leaders to oversee Cervid and Non-Cervid research programs within the Mammals section. In the 1990s, the section returned to having one research leader.

Over the decades, much of the research conducted by the Mammals Research section was funded by federal aid through wildlife restoration Pittman-Robertson Funds and CPW game cash funds. More recently, funding also includes donations from Great Outdoors Colorado, the private business sector and private individuals through agency-sponsored programs. 

​Former Research Leaders
Chad Bishop 2009-2012
Dave Freddy 2005-2008
Gary Miller 2001-2004
Bruce Gill 1974-2001
Len Carpenter 1981-1989
Hal Swope 1969-1974
Jack Grieb 1967-1968
Dick Denny 1965-1966

Former Researchers 
•Bill Adrian
•Allan Anderson
•Bert Baker
•Dan Baker
•Dick Bartmann
•George Bear
•Tom Beck
•Chad Bishop
•Dave Bowden – CSU Biometrician, Contract
•Ray Boyd
•Len Carpenter
•Dave Freddy
•Bruce Gill
•Dale Hibbs
•Tom Hobbs
•Heather Johnson
•Bob Keiss
•Ron Kufeld
•Ken Logan
•Bill McKean
•Dean Medin
•Mike Miller
•Tom Pojar
•Dale Reed
•Larry Roper
•Bill Rutherford
•Harold Shepherd
•Don Smith
•Gary White – CSU Biometrician/Ecologist, Contract
•Margaret Wild
•Lisa Wolfe
•Tom Woodard