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Wild Classroom: Wolves
Wild Classroom: Wolves

​The Past, Present & Future of Wolves Video Series

As gray wolves become a part of Colorado’s landscape once again, learn about this species and Colorado’s reintroduction process that aims to balance priorities for both wolves and people. Join Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to explore the past, present and future of gray wolves ​in Colorado in this four-part series geared towards grades K-12. ​​

​​​​​Restoring through Reintroductions

There have been several successful reintroductions of species in Colorado, like moose, lynx, river otters and more. Learn how these wildlife successes are guiding the reintroduction of gray wolves in Colorado.

​​Journey of the Gray Wolf

​Explore the history and biology of the gray wolf with detailed information about their pack dynamic, eating and travel habits, language, physical traits, and history within the United States and Colorado.

​What’s at Stake for Stakeholders?

​Working with stakeholders on reintroducing gray wolves to Colorado is an important component of Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s (CPW) Wolf Restoration and Management Plan. Learn how CPW is balancing the needs of stakeholders with returning wolves to Colorado’s landscapes.

​​Living with Wolves

​Learn to coexist with gray wolves in Colorado and the methods that Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) employs to manage potential human and wildlife conflicts while balancing efforts to sustain healthy gray wolf and wildlife in Colorado.

School Requests and Resources: Educators and Students

Reintroducing the Gray wolf to Colorado provides educators with a relevant, real-world example for students to learn about wildlife management, ecosystems and the biology of wolves specific to our state. Available resources for classroom educators an​d students include:

  • Wolf Virtual or in school programs: Request a program with Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff to learn more about wolves, the reintroduction process or how to live and recreate with wolves. Requests need to be made at least 3 weeks in advance. 
  • Wildlife Curriculum​ ​Teacher Resources: Download available lesson plans that are standards aligned to explore wolves and the reintroduction process in more detail.
  • Researching Wolves: In addition to the resources found on this page, students can visit our Wolves in Colorado page to find more information needed for classroom research projects.