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Colorado Wildlife
Colorado Wildlife

​Colorado wildlife videos explore the diversity of species found in Colorado, uncovering their unique adaptations and even why they can benefit us!



Join School Programs Coordinator Erin Kendall as she explores the crawly side of Colorado with the tarantula, discussing their adaptations, and their role in the environment and our everyday lives.



Go on a fieldtrip with Educator Makenzie to Staunton State Park to learn all about marmots! Also meet Ranger Adam who will explore marmot adaptations such as hibernation and what we can do to help marmots.



Do you know how far an owl can turn its head? Learn about owls with educator Makenzie as she explores why owls are important to people and their adaptations.


Snake Sheds

Ever wonder why snakes shed their skin? Want to know how snakes shed? Learn all about snake sheds and meet SOLE Educator Snake Horace with Elizabeth.



Ever wonder what the difference between antlers and horns are? Educator Elizabeth covers the behaviors and biology behind antlers.


Bighorn Sheep

Learn more about what those bighorns are all about with Educator Elizabeth as she explores the legend and science behind the bighorn's horns.