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Woman taking a photo of her dog

Example of keep your dog on a leash​​​​​Castlewood Canyon State Park is a great pl​ace for your furry friend to get some exercise and adventure! Here are a few tips to make you​, and your pet's, trip to Castlewood more enjoyable.

  • Always keep your dog on a leash. Leash laws exist for the safety of your dog and the enjoyment of your fellow park visitors. Off leash dogs are more likely to encounter rattlesnakes, Poison Ivy, Ticks and other potentially dangerous animals. Park Rangers will write citations for off leash dogs.

  • Always pick up after your pet. Pet waste is unsightly and contributes to the growth of invasive weeds. Pet waste bags are provided at all of the major trailheads. After you pick up after your pet be sure to deposit waste in the trash.

  • Don't forget the water! Pets get thirsty hiking just like you. When planning your hike be sure to pack water for your furry companion...and maybe a treat or two.

  • Please don't leave pets unattended in vehicles. There is little to no shade in Castlewood's parking areas; if you don't intend to hike or picnic with your dog please leave them at home.

  • Humans only on the East Canyon Preservation Trail. The East Canyon contains several species of rare plants that can be easily damaged by man's best friend.

  • Be prepared. Pets can get injured hiking, just like people. The closest veterinarian to Castlewood is Franktown Animal Clinic, 303.688.4690.

The staff of Castlewood Canyon want you and your pet to have a safe and enjoyable visit to the park. If you encounter any problems while hiking or have questions feel free to give us a call at 303.688.5242.