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Mountain biker on Fisher's Peak State Park trail


​View and download a map of all the trails - ​Fishers Peak State Park ​​​Trail Map.​

Disco​​very Loop Trail​​

​(250 feet) - Hiking only. ​The short and easy trail is the perfect place for a quiet picnic not far from the parking lot. An easy loop around a small meadow is lined with interpretive signs that encourage visitors to learn about the habitat around them through the five senses.

Fishers Peak Trail-Challenge Hill Section

(1.4 miles) - Hiking only. Following an abandoned ranch road, this steep, difficult trail quickly climbs the ridgeline to meet the mid-mountain trail hub (top of the Challenge Hill ​​​​​​Section) and surrounding​​ views.

Fishers Peak Trail-Osita Ridge Section

(2.3 miles) - Open to hikers and mountain bikes in both directions. From the mid-mountain trail hub this trail continues up the ridge, snaking through oak communities, dramatic rock outcrops, and towering ponderosa pines to reach the upper saddle below Osita Point, with views of Fishers Peak towering overhead.

Osita Point Trail 

(0.3 miles) - Hiking only. A short, rocky trail reaches Osita Point (8,125’), which provides commanding, panoramic views of the entire park, the open plains to the east, and the Spanish Peaks and Sangre de Cristo range to the west. 

Poison Canyon Mountain Bike Downhill Trail

(1.7 miles) - Bikes only, downhill-only. For mountain bikers, this trail provides an exciting and playful descent that flows through pinon juniper forests and rocky canyons back down to the trailhead. Built with early-intermediate riders in mind, this trail provides opportunities for fun and challenge as they hone their skills on advanced optional features. Bikers will access this trail from Lower Lone Cub Trail.

Lower Lone Cub Trail 

(1.6 miles) - Open to hikers and mountain bikes in both directions. Serving as the gateway into the trail system, this trail gently meanders through a series of canyons and forested slopes to reach the crest of the first ridge south of the trailhead.  

Upper Lone Cub Trail 

(1.2 miles) - Open to hikers and mountain bikes in both directions.​ Following the south ridge, this rugged and twisty trail explores the rocky, south-facing cliffs, passing through a dramatic notch to reach the mid-mountain trail hub.

Goldenrod Trail 

(4.7 miles) - Hiking only. This trail explores the long ridgeline south of the trailhead, through a series of tight twists and turns to reach the expansive views of Trinidad and the eastern plains.  This long route circles the crest of the valley, connecting back to the mid-mountain trail hub. ​​​​​​​