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​​​​​​OHV dirt bike trail riding​​​Colorado State University's Department of Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism offers three off-highway vehicle management correspondence study courses.

The courses, described below, combine elements of natural resource management with recreation planning and management and are designed to help solve training needs involved with providing quality off-highway recreation opportunities. 

  • RR 457: Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation in America - Discusses the history and current trends in OHV activities, including an overview of the diversity of OHV recreation vehicles and OHV enthusiast motivations and challenges. The course integrates academic research on environmental and economic impacts of OHV activities. It also incorporates OHV program management with contemporary trail management issues, including recreation conflict, access, and land use ethics and safety. (3 credits)

  • RR 458: Planning for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation - Provides an awareness and understanding of OHV planning needs and concerns of resource managers in charge of federal, state and local public lands. The course integrates academic research on goal interference conflicts and social value conflicts. It also incorporates the creation of partnerships with other land agencies and user groups to accomplish OHV planning process goals and objectives. (3 credits)

  • RR 459: Managing for Quality Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation - Provides developmental framework for long-term implementation of OHV management goals. The course improves an OHV manager’s ability to diagnose problems and develop and implement solutions. It also integrates trailhead design guidelines to accomplish trail construction, maintenance and standards to control resource impacts and incorporates OHV planning with visitor management to resolve visitor conflicts in the field. (3 credits)

A study guide and review questions are provided for each course. The correct answers will be returned to you for self-grading. Course RR 457 and RR 459 have videos accompanying the reading. Students should plan on spending 100 - 120 hours on each of the three courses.

There are two exams for each course. Grades are determined by the average of these two exams. A certificate will be awarded after successful completion of each course.

Credits earned for these courses may be applied toward degree requirements if an advance agreement is reached with the applicable college or university.

Who Should Enroll

These courses are designed to meet a broad range of needs for employees in the field of OHV recreation, planning and management. Federal, state and private professionals and technicians will benefit from courses that pertain to their present jobs and any future assignments relating to OHV recreation. Because government time is provided for on-site training, supervisors may provide time for employees to complete a correspondence study that is sponsored and paid for by their agency.