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Laws, Regulations and Statutes
Laws, Regulations and Statutes

​​​​​​​​​​Become a wise and safe OHV operator by getting to know the rules of the trail in Colorado. Read up on the laws, regulations  and legislative statutes for operating off-highway vehicles in Colorado.​

​What You Need To Know about the Sound Law 

(went into effect July 1, 2010)

​To operate an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) in Colorado, the following sound limits must be met:

99 dB(A) if manufactured before 1/1/1998

96 dB(A() if manufactured after 1/1/1998

OHVs will be tested using the SAE J 1287 stationary 20" pipe test.

New OHVs sold in Colorado cannot exceed the 96 dB(A) sound standard (unless an OHV is designed for and used in a closed-course competition facility).

OHVs designed for and used in closed-course competition facilities may require modifications for sound and spark arrestor standards when operated outside of a closed-circuit course.

​Not Sure?

Colorado State Parks, in conjunction with Stay The Trail, offer free sound testing for your OHV. 

​For a copy of the Stationary Sound Test Manual for Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Terrain Vehicles (includes Test RPM data back to 1985) please call the Motorcycle Industry Council at 949-727-4211.