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Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Statistics
Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Statistics
Desert Sheep

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draw Recap Report​s and Hunting Statistics

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) has developed a new and improved Draw Recap Report, which provides a wealth of information for hunters. For the first time, pre-draw and post-draw information, and license quotas have been combined into a single, easy to read layout. 

​Each report includes:

  • number of licenses available by hunt code
  • number of hunters that applied for each hunt code
  • number of hunters that successfully drew a license
  • preference-point information

The Draw Recap Report also shows how licenses were allocated among residents and nonresident, adults and youths, as well as landowners. The redesigned reports offer better transparency; providing hunters with the same information that Colorado Parks and Wildlife uses to manage the limited-license drawing.

draw recap reports​ glossary is available to help explain some of the terms you’ll find within the report. The draw recap walkthrough​ allows you to hover-over any field for an explanation of the data.

Note: The horn/antler measurement reports no longer contain specific coordinates for harvest locations. The drainage of harvests is included in the report, but coordinate information will no longer be available because of concerns about fair chase. Furthermore, Colorado law requires that wildlife information that could allow individual private landowners to be identified must be withheld from open records requests. Elevating the scale from location of harvest to drainage removes the possibility of disclosing private land information. Historic and future measurement reports will be posted in the revised format.​  

​Draw Recap

Out At
​2018 ​Report​​Report​ Report ReportRe​port​
​2017 ​Report​
ReportReport​ Re​port​
​2016​Re​​​port ReportReport Report​​



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If you need further assistance, customer service representatives are available to help answer any questions that you may have or to assist you in planning an upcoming hunt.​​​ Speak with a hunt planner today, call (303) 291-7526​.

Draw and Hunting Statistics (2014 and earlier)

Note: Due to data limitations, statistical reports that were created prior to 2015 will not be available in the new Draw Recap Report format.​​

Hunt Recap Summaries Drawing Summaries Estimated Harvest
Population Estimates
​2014ReportReport​​Rep​ortReport​ R​eport​​
2013 Report Report ReportReport​ R​eport
2012 Report Report ReportReport​ Report
2011 Report Report ReportReport​ Report
2010 Report Report ReportReport​ Report
2009 Report Report ReportReport​ Report
2008 Report Report Report Report
2007 Report Report Report Report
2006 Report Report Report Report
2005 Report Report Report Report
2004 Report Report Report Report
2003 Report Report Report Report