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​​​​​​How are hunting, fishing & other wildlife regulations created?

The Parks and Wildlife Commission meets six scheduled times a year (every odd month) to consider changes to Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations. Public comments are welcome at any point, but are most effective before and during the Commission's first meeting. Working with CPW staff early in this process gives the Commission and CPW more time to review and consider your recommendations.​

Regulations in effect for only one year will be discussed at one Commission meeting. These regulations include limited license numbers and special seasons for big game and wild turkeys. 

What is the general timeline that the Commission usually meets?

Meetings are generally two days long and occur early in the month. ​

Workshops can be either one or two days. If the workshop is one day, it is usually from 8am - 4 or 5pm. Workshops are rarely two days long. However, if a second day is required, it usually runs from 8am - noon.

Agendas are posted on the Parks and Wildlife Commission page at least 7 days prior to each meeting.

How can one comment on Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations at Parks and Wildlife Commission meetings?

For more information on submitting comments please see the Submit Public Comments page.

What's the Commission timeline for setting regulations?

Before first Commission meeting:

  • Rule-making notice of regulations scheduled for next Commission meeting sent to Secretary of State (six weeks before meeting) and available to the public.

  • Public should submit written or verbal comments on suggested issues to the CPW 30 days before first Commission meeting.

  • CPW may hold public meetings depending on the magnitude of issues.

First Commission meeting:

  • Public comments taken.

  • Commission agrees to a list of issues to be considered.

Before Second Commission meeting:

  • Public should submit written or verbal comments on unresolved issues to the CPW at least 2 weeks before second Commission meeting.

  • CPW will hold public meetings depending on the magnitude of issues.

  • CPW makes final recommendations on unresolved issues; recommendations are mailed the Commission (10 days before meeting) and are available to the public on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission webpage.

Second Commission meeting:

  • CPW presents final recommendations.

  • Public comments taken on unresolved issues.

  • Commission makes final decision.

Under the State Administrative Procedure Act, the Parks and Wildlife Commission can adopt regulations during one Commission meeting (rather than over two different meetings) when public notice is given.