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Policies and Resolutions
Policies and Resolutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​Parks and Wildlife Commission policies serve as general rules and statements of principle that provide guidance to the Commission and the Division. These policies focus on fundamental issues that exist year after year. Once a policy has been established by the Commission the Division focuses on the actual implementation.

Commission resolutions are formal statements adopted on an as needed basis to reflect the opinion, will or intent of the Commission on a specific issue.

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COMMISSION POLICIES (Parks and Wildlife)​​​


Date of Last Action

Commission Rule​​​making Process

​January 2013

Bear Feeding Policy

​September 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease​​

​November 2015

Management of Wildlife Populations

​November 2015

Emergency Winter Feeding

​November 2015

​​​​​​Financial Reserve Policy

​June 2015

​Fair Chase Policy
​June 2016

Shooting Ranges Policy

​January 2017

Commission Operations, Communications, and Procedures

​​January 2019

​Sponsorship Policy

​January 2019
​High Lake Management Policy
​June 2019

Whirling Disease Policy

​June 2019

​​Wild and Gold Medal Trout Management Policy

​June 2019

Planning Policy

​​​September 2019

Public Rulemaking Petitions

​June 2020
​Occupancy and Use of Division-Owned Living Quarters
​January 2021

Conflict of Interest 

​May 2021

Naming of State Parks, State Recreation Areas, and State Wildlife Areas and Features

March 2022

​​Recreational State Trails Committee
​June 2022
Public Comment Policy
June 2024



Date of Last Action

Private Donations

​February 2007

Energy Development on State Wildlife Areas

​June 2007
​​Distribution of Non-resident Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat and Moose​​​​
​August 2007

Predator Policy

​October 2007
Energy Development in Colorado

​September 2007

Use of State Wildlife Areas

​October 2007

Drawing License Limitations for Nonresidents

​September 2009

Land and Water Acquisition

July 2010




Date of Last Action

Donations​January 1990
Donations-Land and Water Conservation Funds​January 1990
Donation of Material Objects
January 1990
Easement and Rights-of-Way Across State Property
January 1990
Equal Opportunity for Use of Outdoor Recreation Facilities and Programs
January 1990
Land and Water Conservation Fund Programs​January 1990

Noxious Pests

 July 1990

Retail Products and Marina Service Pricing
April 2005


COMMISSION RESOLUTIONS (​Parks and Wildlife)​​

Resolution Number


Date of Last Action

Regarding Reintroduction of Gray Wolves
​May 2023
Wolf Reintroduction and Management
​September 2022
​Regarding Rules to Implement S.B. 19-181 for Protection of Wildlife Resources
​September 2020
Support for Secure, Long-term and Dedicated Funding for Land and Water Conservation, WIldlife Management, Parks and Outdoor Recreation
​June 2020
​Reaffirming Support for the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America's Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources
​November 2019
​Regarding Support for Governor Polis's Executive Order D 2019-011: Conserving Colorado's Big Game Winter Ranges and Migration Corridors
​November 2019
​18-01​Supporting Reauthorization by the General Assembly of the Colorado Lottery Division in 2018​February 2018
​17-02Regarding Support for Transfer of the Medano Ranch to Great San Dunes National Preserve​November 2017
​17-01Regarding Support for Legislations that Allows CPW to Operate Like a Business Enterprise with Regard to the Price for Goods and Services​January 2017
​16-02Regarding Support for the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America's Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources​August 2016


Regarding Introduction/Reintroduction of WolvesJanuary 2016


​​Regarding Colorado State Forest State Park​
​September 2015
​​14-02​​Recognition of CPW Commission Service Resolution​​​​July 2014


Resolution Number


Date of Last Action


Resolution Regarding Energy Development

November 2006


Resolution Regarding Elk Management in Rocky Mountain National Park

July 2006


Resolution Regarding Rules to Implement HB07-1298

May 2008


Resolution regarding comments on OGCC HB 1298 draft rules

July 2008


Resolution regarding participation in OGCC HB 1298 Stakeholder Process

October 2008


Resolution Regarding Public Hunting Access in Wind Farm Developments

July 2010


Resolution Regarding the 75th Anniversary of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs

July 2012


Resolution Regarding the Suspension of the Wildlife Cash Fund Balance Policy

May 2012