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​​​​Our team works closely with park staff and specialists to maintain the ecological integrity of our parks now and for future generations, while still providing the best possible recreational experience for park visitors.

The primary responsibility of the Resource Stewardship Section is to produce Stewardship Plans for each park. In addition, our main focus areas include:

  • Biological sustainability

  • Threatened and endangered species compliance

  • Forest management

  • Rare plants

  • Noxious weeds

  • Aquatic nuisance species

  • Reveget​ation/restoration

  • Raptor monitoring

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping


Jeff Thompson is the Parks Resource Stewardship Coordinator and has expertise with native plants, noxious weeds and environmental policy. 

Matt Schulz is the Forest Management Coordinator and has an expertise in forest ecology, natural resource planning, and GIS/GPS. 

Raquel Wertsbaugh is the Natural Areas Coordinator and has expertise in rare species conservation and ecological monitoring. 

Typically, we also have a few highly qualified seasonals and contractors to do biological, geological, GIS and GPS (field mapping) work.