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Resource Stewardship is devoted to assisting park staff with: 

  • ​Biological sustainability

  • Performing resource inventories

  • Advising on the planning process

  • Providing appropriate tools to effectively conserve natural resources

Section Objectives

  • To provide direction for the protection of the natural resources

  • To provide park staff with appropriate tools and updated information to effectively conserve natural resources

Stewardship Planning Process Objectives

  • Compile existing resource information and collect field data on boundaries, wildlife, soils, water resources, cultural resources, geologic and paleontological resources, wetlands and vegetation (including rare plants and noxious weeds) as a comprehensive resource knowledge base.

  • Summarize existing conditions of the natural and cultural resources within the park and suggest a desired future condition for each resource.

  • Identify specific impacts, influences and threats to the natural resources.

  • Provide a prioritized set of management recommendations and suggestions for park staff, consultants or other agencies to do specific work, over a specified period.

  • Suggest specific stewardship goals and objectives to apply over the next five years, as well as a zoning scheme for the park based on ecological sensitivity. Objectives will be incorporated into the park's next general management plan to ensure protection of resources.

  • Provide implementation advice for the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a resource planning and monitoring tool.