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Contact Information
Contact Information

​​Matt Schulz, Forest Management Coordinator
Expertise: Forest Ecology, Fuels Mitigation Techniques, Resource Planning, Geographic Information Systems, GPS, Databases, Project Management
Responsibilities: Forest management program coordination, GIS development and support, threatened and endangered species and cultural resources.

Jeff Thompson, Resource Stewardship Coordinator
Expertise: Native Plants, Bird Surveys and Monitoring, Noxious Weeds, Environmental Policy, Interpretation
Responsibilities: Coordinating the stewardship planning process, including noxious weed inventories, rare plant surveys, threatened and endangered species compliance, statewide volunteer raptor monitoring program, revegetation and restoration projects at parks.

​​Raquel Wertsbaugh, CNAP Coordinator
Expertise: Rare Species Conservation and Inventory, Ecological Monitoring, Wildlife Biology
Responsibilities: Managing, evaluating and designating Natural Areas, coordinating stewardship of Natural Areas by volunteers.  Managing the state rare plant program.​