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River Outfitter Licensing
River Outfitter Licensing

​​​All river outfitters operating in Colorado are required to first obtain a river outfitter license from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Mission Statement The River Outfitter Licensing Program (ROL) was established by the Colorado Legislature in 1984. This program gave responsibility to the Colorado Board of Parks and Outdoor Recreation for enacting rules and regulations necessary to:

  • Govern the annual licensing of river outfitters
  • Regulate river outfitters
  • Ensure the safety of associated river running activities
  • Carry out the licensing program

Is Your Outfitter Currently Licensed?

Check here to see if your River Outfitter has a current 2019 license.

River Outfitter Definition

A river outfitter is defined in 33-32-102(6), C.R.S. to mean:

Any person advertising to provide or providing, river-running services in the nature of facilities, guide services, or transportation for the purpose of river-running; except that "river outfitter" does not include any person whose only service is providing motor vehicles, vessels, and other equipment for rent, any person whose only service is providing instruction in canoeing or kayaking skills, or any person who is providing river-running services exclusively for family or friends.

Recreational Boaters

This Web site contains information primarily for commercial river outfitters, including licensing, regulatory and application information. For recreational boating information, see the Colorado Boating Program site.

River Outfitter State Statutes

The state statutes pertaining to the licensing of river outfitters may be found in Article 32 of Title 33, Colorado Revised Statutes. The regulations adopted by the Colorado Board of Parks and Outdoor Recreation may be found in Chapter 3 - River Outfitters.