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Reservation Fees
Reservation Fees

Camping Fees

  • Full campground hookup $32-$41 per night
  • Electrical campground $28-$36 per night
  • Basic campground $22-$28 per night
  • Primitive campground $14-$18 per night

Fees for each park and campsite type are updated on each park's fees page. Please see the fees page for the park you plan to reserve for exact pricing by date and site type.

Note: some parks, such as Chatfield State Park, turn off their water connections during certain months in some loops. When making a reservation, please be sure to read all of the important information and alerts.

Vehicle Entrance Fees

Camping fees DO NOT include vehicle entrance fees. If a vehicle does not have an annual pass, then a daily entrance fee will be charged.

For more detailed information, visit the camping page of the park you plan to visit.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees depend on how far in advance a reservation is cancelled. 

See the Reservation Changes & Cancellation page for additional details.​