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Jake Ivan
Jake Ivan

Wildlife Researcher, Species of Conservation Concern


  • Ph.D., Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology — Colorado State University, 2011
  • M.S., Wildlife Biology — University of Montana, 2000
  • B.S., Wildlife Science — Purdue University, 1997

Current or Recent Positions

  • Wildlife Researcher — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2010 – Present
  • Refuge Biologist — U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2003-2005
  • Piping Plover Recovery Biologist — The Nature Conservancy, 2000-2003

Areas of Interest, Expertise

My research focuses on estimating wildlife population parameters and forest carnivore ecology, conservation and monitoring. 

Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Impacts of pine and spruce beetle outbreaks on Canada lynx, snowshoe hares, and other mammals and breeding birds in Colorado.

  • Short- and long-term impacts of forest management on snowshoe hares in lodgepole and spruce-fir systems.

Select Publications

  • Magee, P. A., J. D. Coop, and J. S. Ivan. In Press. Thinning alters avian occupancy in pinon-juniper woodlands. Condor 00:000-000.

  • Ivan, J. S., A. E. Seglund, R. L. Truex, and E. S. Newkirk. 2018. Mammalian responses to changed forest conditions resulting from bark beetle outbreaks in the southern Rocky Mountains. Ecosphere 9:e02369.

  • Olson, L. E., J. R. Squires, E. K. Roberts, J. S. Ivan, and M. Hebblewhite. 2018. Sharing the same slope: behavioral responses of a threatened mesocarnivore to motorized and nonmotorized winter recreation. Ecology and Evolution 8:8555-8572.

  • Buderman, F. E., M. B. Hooten, J. S. Ivan, and T. M. Shenk. 2018. Large-scale movement behavior in a reintroduced predator population.  Ecography 41:126-139.

  • Olson, L. E., J. R. Squires, E. K. Roberts, A. D. Miller, J. S. Ivan, and M. Hebblewhite. 2017. Modeling large-scale winter recreation terrain selection with implications for recreation management and wildlife. Applied Geography 86:66-91.

  • Baigas, P. E., J. R. Squires, L. E. Olsen, J. S. Ivan, and E. K. Roberts. 2017. Using environmental features to model highway crossing behavior of Canada lynx in the Southern Rocky Mountains. Landscape and Urban Planning 157:200-213.

  • Buderman, F. E., M. B. Hooten, J. S. Ivan, and T. M. Shenk. 2016. A functional model for characterizing long-distance movement behavior. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7:264-273.

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  • Ivan, J. S., and E. S. Newkirk. 2016. Cpw Photo Warehouse: a custom database to facilitate archiving, identifying, summarizing, and managing photo data collected from camera traps. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7:499-504.

  • Ellis, M. M., J. S. Ivan, J. M. Tucker, and M. K. Schwartz. 2015. rSPACE: Spatially based power analysis for conservation and ecology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6:621-625.

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  • Trainor, A. M., O. J. Schmitz, J. S. Ivan, and T. M. Shenk. 2014. Enhancing species distribution modeling by characterizing predator–prey interactions. Ecological Applications 24:204–216.

  • Ellis, M. M., J. S. Ivan, and M. K. Schwartz. 2014. Spatially explicit power analyses for occupancy-based monitoring of wolverine in the U.S. Rocky Mountains. Conservation Biology 28:52–62.

  • Ivan, J. S. 2013. Density estimation. Pages 20.1–20.19 in E. Cooch and G. White, Editors. Program MARK - 'A Gentle Introduction'. 11th Edition. 983pp.

  • Ivan J. S., G. C. White, and T. M. Shenk. 2013. Using simulation to compare methods for estimating density from capture-recapture data. Ecology 94:817–826.

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  • Stromborg, K. L., J. S. Ivan, J. K. Netto, and C. R. Courtney.  2012. Survivorship and mortality patterns of double-crested cormorants at Spider Island, Wisconsin, 1988–2006.  Waterbirds 35:31–39.

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  • ​Ivan, J. S., and R. K. Swihart. 2000. Selection of mast by granivorous rodents of the central hardwood forest region. Journal of Mammalogy 81:549-562.