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Snowshoe Hare
Snowshoe Hare
Snowshoe Hare with Night Vision Trap Camera banner image

​Influence of Forest Management on Snowshoe Hare Density in Lodgepole and Spruce-fir Systems in Colorado

Led By

Jake Ivan

Study Area

USFS land in Colorado

Project Status


Research Objectives

To assess impacts of common forest management techniques on snowshoe hare density in both lodgepole pine and spruce-fir systems in Colorado.

Project Description­­

Understanding and monitoring snowshoe hare density in Colorado is important because hares comprise 70% of the diet of the state-endangered, federally threatened Canada lynx. Forest management is an important driver of snowshoe hare density, and all National Forests in Colorado are required to include management direction aimed at conservation of Canada lynx and snowshoe hare. At the same time, Forests in the Region are compelled to meet timber production and management response obligations. Such activities may depress snowshoe hare density, improve it, or have mixed effects dependent on the specific activity and the time elapsed since that activity was initiated. 

Associated Publications

Ivan, J. S. and E. Newkirk. 2019. Influence of forest management on snowshoe hare density in lodgepole and spruce-fir systems in Colorado. Pages 2-4 in Wildlife Research Report, Mammals Research Program, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, Fort Collins, CO. 48 pages.