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​​​​​BirdSt. Vrain State Park plays host to a wide array of bird species. The 14 ponds located within the park provide oases for migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, song birds and birds of prey, to name a few.

St. Vrain is not only home to the largest heron rookery in the state, but it is also the only known nesting site of  Great Egrets in Colorado. In addition, the park provides winter habitat for Bald Eagles and summer habitat for American White Pelicans, both of which are species of concern in Colorado. 

EaglesSt. Vrain State Park provides suitable nesting habitat for a diverse collection of bird species. For example, birds of prey such as Red-tailed hawks and Osprey nest in the park. In addition, many waterfowl species, songbirds and shorebirds choose St Vrain as their nesting site. With all of these bird species nesting here, springtime at St. Vrain is a wonderful place to see nature awaken and grow!​

Blue HeronThanks to our riparian and wetland habitats, we are home to birds such as American Robin, Killdeer, Belted Kingfisher, and Northern Flicker, to name a few. St. Vrain is truly one of the premier birding parks in Colorado. Check out our Birds of St. Vrain Brochure to see a complete list of bird species found in the park.