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​​​​​​Lush vegetation is found within St Vrain State Park in our riparian and wetland habitats.  Plains Cottonwood trees stand strong and tall throughout the park and provide idyllic areas of shaded tranquility on hot summer days.  Willows line the waterways and provide stability to the shorelines of our fourteen ponds and the banks of the St Vrain River.  For a list of the most common trees in the park check out our Trees of St. Vrain Brochure.

Wildflowers and flowering shrubs such as Rabbitbrush, Prickly Poppy, Prairie Coneflower, Little Sunflower, Rocky Mountain Beeplant, Prairie Clover, and Milkweed are found within the park throughout the spring and summer.​

Noxious weeds and non-native plants play a larger role in the park’s ecosystem than they should.  However, eradication efforts are underway to remove the most widespread and detrimental species such as, Russian olive, Tamarisk, and Eurasian Watermilfoil.