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Only waterfowl and dove hunting are permitted at the park during the seasons set by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. ​

NEW FOR 2019-2020 SEASON: 

Reservations, online through or by phone, are required to hunt at Barr Lake.

Visit the CPW hunting reservation page or call 1-800-244-5613 for more information or to reserve a hunting blind.

You are responsible for knowing the state hunting regulations that apply to you. For specific hunting restrictions and locations see:

Hunters are required to have:  

  • a park pass.
  • a valid Colorado small game/waterfowl hunting license. 
  • a habitat stamp. 
  • a Colorado and federal waterfowl stamp.

​​​Waterfowl Hunting​

Waterfowl hunting is allowed at Barr Lake State Park on Wednesdays and Saturdays during designated waterfowl hunting seasons.

  • ​​Hunting is restricted to established blinds north of the dam. 
  • On-park registration is required for all hunters. 
  • One specially designed blind is available for hunters with disabilities.
  • Reservations can be made between 2 days and 2 weeks in advance of the hunting date. 
  • Hunting is only permitted from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until sunset. unloaded while walking to and from the blinds, and bags are encouraged. 
  • Fires are prohibited, but propane heaters are permitted in of alcohol or a controlled substance. 
  • Dogs must be under control and on a 6 ft. leash, except when actively retrieving. 
  • Obtain permission before entering private property to retrieve downed game.
  • Only shotguns loaded with steel shot can be used to hunt waterfowl. Lead shot is prohibited. Shotguns must be unloaded while walking to and from the blinds, and bags are encouraged. 

Dove Hunting

Hunting is only permitted Sundays and Mondays during designated dove hunting seasons.

  • ​Dove hunting stations may be reserved 14 days in advance, Monday through Friday.
  • Each hunter may only reserve one station per hunting day.
  • Reserved stations unoccupied by 7 a.,m., and vacated stations, are available on a “first-come” “first-serve” basis.
  • All hunters must check-in prior to starting, and checkout after finishing at the hunting kiosk located at the East entrance.
  • Once a station has been reserved or occupied by a hunter, no one else may check-in to that blind until it is vacated and checked-out.
  • Hunters must carry their valid small game hunting license
  • with current HIP number on the license Only three hunters allowed at each station, this includes children. 
  • Hunters must stay within 10 yards of station marker. 
  • Hunters may walk up to 50 yards from their assigned post to retrieve a downed bird. 
  • Hunters retrieving a downed bird must leave their unloaded firearm at the marker location. 
  • Hunters must wear a florescent orange hat or vest when in the field retrieving downed birds, the vest/hat can be removed while at the marker post. 
  • Hunters must walk to and from their blinds along the marked/mowed access path only. 
  • Please pickup all of >your shot shell hulls before leaving the hunt location. 
    • Shotguns cannot be larger than 12 gauge. 
    • Hunters must use 7.5 or smaller shot. 
    • Shotguns cannot be capable of holding more than 3 shells in magazine and chamber combined. 
  • Hunters must clear all gear, decoys and harvested birds from the station marker area within 30 minutes of the closing time for the morning and afternoon hunting periods.