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Boat Inspections
Boat Inspections

​​​​​​​ANS Pre-inspection Process in effect Winter 2018

Thanks to CPW's strong Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) program and cooperation from boaters like you, Lake Pueblo was de-listed from the Zebra and Quagga positive waters list in 2017. This is a great success that allows us to provide more water access to boaters in the off season, but we must remain diligent and keep our lake free from mussels and additional ANS threats. We are still positive for Eurasian Milfoil, a plant form of ANS.

In the low-season months, both ramps will ​remain open 24 hours and launching will be allowed when the inspection stations are closed. 

This will be the case from October 15 to April 14, but this new freedom comes with great responsibility and new, required, protocols.

Please review the updated boat ramp requirements below:

  1. ​If the inspection stations are open: all boaters will stop for inspection at launching and loading like always. New this year during the off-season, you will follow the "Pre-Inspection Protocol." This means that you may launch when the inspection station is closed AS LONG AS YOUR VESSEL HAS BEEN PRE-INSPECTED AND HAS A VALID COLORADO GREEN SEAL AND WHITE RECEIPT, A GREEN SEAL WITH A BLUE RECIPT FROM LAKE PUEBLO OR A GREEN SEAL AND A BLUE RECIPT FROM ANY OTHER LAKE AND HAVE PROOF OF DECONTAMINATION.

  2. If your vessel has a green seal and BLUE receipt from any other lake other than Lake Pueblo, you can only return to launch that lake or be decontaminated before entering this lake. Out of state seals and receipts are never valid for pre-inspection launching. If you do not have the proper seal and receipt, you will need to wait for the inspection station to open before you can launch.

  3. If you have the proper paperwork, you can launch anytime and you will use a drop-box to enter your information on a log and drop your seal and receipt. These entries will be verified by rangers and inspectors in the morning. Any boats that launched without the proper pre-inspection and seal will be subject to a citation that may be issued while on the water or when loading.

  4. Since the gates will not close, you do not have to get off the water at a specific time, but there is something very important to consider: if you load when the inspection station is closed, you will not get the required seal and receipt that you need to launch, not only Lake Pueblo, but at any lake in the state Because you will not have any proof of where you boated last, you will have to have your boat inspected and potentially decontaminated at any inspection station, during their decontamination hours, before you can enter any lake. This is an extra step that you will have to take, for the new convenience of no closing hours for Lake Pueblo.

Dates and Times for Inspection Stations​


​Decontamination Hours 

October 16 to February 28  

  • Decontamination hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 ​pm.​

March 1 to October 15  

  • Decontamination hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 ​pm.​​

Inspection Station Hours

​October 15 to November 14

  • Inspection hours are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Pre-inspection required when stations are closed.
November 15 to February 28

  • Inspection hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Pre-inspection required when stations are closed.​
March 1 to April 14

  • ​Inspection hours are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Pre-inspection required when stations are closed.
April 15 to October 14

  • ​Inspection hours are 5:00 am to 11:00 pm​.
  • ​Gates are closed. There is no pre-inspection.​


Weather Closure Protocal

In an effort to standardize our response and to ensure everyone's safety, we follow this protocol​: If the schools in Pueblo West District 70 are closed due to bad weather, the inspection stations will also be closed. ​If the schools are on two hour delay, our inspection stations are also on two-hour delay. In both cases, pre-Inspection is in effect, but use caution if launching in cold and icy conditions.

The information regarding school closings in D70 is widely reported on local television and radio stations. Closing notices are also available at This applies to the Pueblo West schools in District 70 and not the mountain schools.

As always, inspection stations may be closed early due to adverse weather conditions or unexpected circumstances.

​ANS Questions and More Information

Call ANS Supervisor, Doug, at 719-251-4319. Please make your calls during normal business hours, such as 9am - 5pm. Doug thanks you!​​​