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Black Bears
Black Bears

​​​​​Black BearLike so many other natural areas in Colorado, Mancos State Park is home to Black Bears. Black Bears are the only bear species known to live in Colorado. Although their name suggests their color, Black Bears can also be brown, cinnamon, or blonde in color.

Although no park visitor has yet to have a conflict with a bear, we do suggest the following guidelines to reduce the chance of bear interactions:

In the campground:

  • ALWAYS dispose of trash in a designated receptacle. Please do not litter, or burn trash (burning trash can actually increase the area that food odors occupy). Trash not ready to be thrown away should be stored just like food.

  • When not in use, always store the following items in the trunk of your car or other bear-resistant location: food, grills and stoves, cooking utensils or other cooking equipment, beverages and beverage containers (even water), coolers (even if they are empty), cosmetics and toiletries, and pet food. Hummingbird feeders are a special treat for bears.

On the trail:

  • Avoid hiking at dusk or dawn.
  • Avoid berry patches in the fall.
  • Make noise while hiking to alert bears that you are in the area.
  • Keep small children close by you.
  • Keep all pets on a leash.