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Wild Felines
Wild Felines

​​​​​​​​Mountain LionMancos is home to wild cats. Bobcats and Mountain Lions are both common, although extremely elusive. Both have been seen by staff, but never photographed. The park also has a small population of Feral Cats (wild housecats) that are frequently seen on the north side of the reservoir.

Mountain Lions have never been involved in a conflict with people or pets at Mancos State Park. In fact, most people go their whole lives without seeing a Mountain Lion due to the animal’s solitary nature. However, if you do see one . . .

  • Stay Calm - Try not to panic; Talk calmly and firmly to it. Move slowly.

  • Stop or Back Away - Running may trigger a lion’s instinct to chase or attack. Pick up small children to prevent them from panicking and running away.

  • Appear Larger - Raise your arms, open your jacket or shirt. Stand upright and face the lion.

  • Fight Back - Most people who have been attacked by a lion have successfully fought them off. Once it knows you’re not easy prey, it will likely run away.