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Aspen Leaf Pass Information
Aspen Leaf Pass Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Aspen Leaf Pass - $70 per vehicle

​For Colorado Residents 64 Years or Older

Aspen Leaf Passes are available to all Colorado residents 64 or older and allow unlimited access to all Colorado State Parks. This pass has the added bonus of discounted camping, Sunday through Thursday, excluding holidays! Discounts do not include weekends, holidays, or reservations on cabins or yurts.​

The Aspen Leaf Pass is available for purchase at any time of year and will be valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Passes for a second vehicle (Multiple pass) are purchased separately and are valid for the same dates as the primary Aspen Leaf Pass.

​To purchase an Aspen Leaf Pass, please provide proof of age and a current Colorado vehicle registration. The Aspen Leaf pass may be purchased online​, or ​at a State Park or Colorado Parks and Wildlife office.

Please provide: 

  • Colorado driver's license

  • ​Proof of Colorado registration that has your Colorado address is required
Note: When purchasing an Aspen Leaf pass, you must provide your vehicle license plate number. If you have a temporary license plate, you must provide the last six digits of your Vehicle Identification Number​ (VIN).

Aspen Leaf Multiple Pass - $35 for each additional vehicle

The Aspen Leaf Multiple Pass may be purchased at any State Park or CPW office​. Multiple Aspen Leaf Passes may be purchased online only if the current original pass was purchased online. If your original Aspen Leaf Pass was purchased in an office prior to our new purchasing system​​, Aspen Leaf Multiple Passes must be purchased at a State Park or CPW office.

Aspen Leaf Multiple Passes are valid for the same dates as the p​rimary Aspen Leaf Pass. To purchase an Aspen Leaf Multiple Pass for additional vehic​les in the same name, please provide: ​

  • Proof of Colorado registration on all vehicles under the same name and address

  • Proof of purchase for original Aspen Leaf Pass purchase 

*In addition to the cost listed above, for entrance to Cherry Creek State Park, an annual $3 water basin authority decal is also required.