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Columbine Pass Information
Columbine Pass Information

​​Columbine Pass - $14.00

For Disabled Colorado Residents

Legislators supported the Columbine Pass as a way to provide reduced park entrance fees to totally and permanently disabled residents who are on a fixed/limited income because of their disability.

The Columbine Pass allows Colorado residents with a permanent and total disability to:

  • Purchase an annual state park pass for $14. 
  • Transfer the pass between vehicles, allowing the Columbine Pass holder and others in the same vehicle to enter the park. The pass holder must be present for the pass to be valid. 
  • Visit any of Colorado's state parks for 12 continuous months from the purchase date. (Please note: Visitors to Cherry Creek State Park are charged an additional $3 annual fee for the Water Basin Authority.)

What documentation do I need to get a Columbine Pass?

To qualify for a Columbine Pass, you must be a Colorado resident and provide one of the following as documentation of a total and permanent disability:

  • A fully completed Colorado Parks and Wildlife “Physician’s Affidavit” (located on the application), signed by a licensed physician attesting that the applicant meets the definition of a total and permanent disability; or 
  • A Division of Workers' Compensation "Final Admission of Liability" form indicating “Permanent Total Disability”

How can I apply for a Columbine Pass?

You can download the application best suited for your situation below:

Disabled veterans may be eligible for the free Independence Pass available starting September 1, 2020.

Applications are also available at Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices and state parks upon request. Submission of your application can be done either by:

  1. Email: email your completed application and supporting documentation (as stated above) to Please note, applicants who submit their application by email will not be sent a physical parks pass at the time of approval. Approved applicants will have an authorization placed on their account that will allow them to purchase their Columbine Pass online, by phone, or in person at any CPW location at their convenience; or

  2. Mailing or bringing your completed Columbine Pass application to: 

​​Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Attn: Columbine Pass
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO, 80216

Please include the following with your application:
    • Qualifying documentation of your total and permanent disability (as stated above)
    • Mail-in only: A check or money order for $14.00 payable to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive​ my pass?

Please allow at least 15 business days for verification and processing time. Less time is required for processing for applications submitted via email or in person.

Do I apply for the Columbine Pass each year?

No. You only need to apply for the pass once. Once you are approved, you will be able to purchase your pass each year online, in person at any CPW location, or by phone at 1-800-244-5613, as long as you remain a resident of Colorado. 

How do I renew my Columbine Pass?

Once you are approved in our system, you will be able to purchase your pass each year online, in person at any CPW location, or by phone at 1-800-244-5613, as long as you remain a resident of Colorado.

Does the Columbine Pass offer any camping discounts?

Columbine Pass Holders 64+ years of age will receive a $3 discount per night Sunday through Thursday (except on holidays). Customers must have a current, valid Columbine Pass at the time of reservation and at the time of their stay, and be the primary occupant of their campsite. At the time of their stay, pass holders must provide photo identification with proof of age along with their Columbine Pass to receive the discount.

I have a Disabled Veterans license plate. Will I receive camping benefits?

No. The law for individuals with Disabled Veterans Colorado license plates provides free entrance to state parks, but does not provide special camping rates. If you are 64+ years of age and a Colorado Resident, you may opt to purchase a reduced-rate Aspen Leaf Pass or apply for the Columbine Pass for special camping benefits.

I have a National Park Service disability pass. Can I use it as documentation for the Columbine Pass?

No. The criteria for disability programs vary across different agencies and organizations. The documentation for this program is set by Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulation Chapter P-07 #701.4.

Are totally and permanently disabled youth eligible to apply for the Columbine Pass?

Yes. Youth who meet all of the qualifications for the program are eligible to apply.

How were the qualifications for this program determined?

The rules for the Columbine Parks Pass Program, including qualifying documentation, are set by Colorado Revised Statute 33-12-103.5 and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulation Chapter P-07 #701.4.a.