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Rookie Sportsperson Program
Rookie Sportsperson Program
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Family taking part in the Rookie Sportsperson Program

Fun ​For The Whole Family

The Rookie Sportsperson Program is on hold for 2021 due to continued COVID-19 restrictions.

Please be advised: Program events occur in the Colorado Springs area.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife encourages participants to live an active lifestyle that promotes the conservation of Colorado’s resources. The Rookie Sportsperson Program (RSP) offers opportunities for individuals and/or families with limited outdoor experience to try their hand at hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. 

The program links participants to a mentor who will guide them through a year-long safe, ethical and educational experience. The program also creates a social support network for participants to use as they continue on their journey. Some of the Rookie Sportsperson Program events and classes include hunting, firearm safety, fishing, navigation, camping, archery and many more. In addition to the offered events, the program gives participants the opportunity to take part in mentored hunts for turkey, dove, pheasants, and big game. 

Reasons To Join

  • Learn to hunt and fish from Colorado Wildlife Officers

  • Actively participate in the conservation and preservation of Colorado’s natural resources

  • Know where your food comes from and how to prepare it yourself

  • Provide natural organic meat for your family

  • Connect with nature

  • Quality family time without electronic distractions

  • Experience the outdoors as a participant in nature


Learn outdoor skills alongside an experienced mentor.
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For questions regarding the Rookie Sportsperson Program, contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Colorado Springs Office at (719) 227-5200 or

The Hunter Outreach Program does not focus on the harvest, but upon the education of the novice hunter in the field.​