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Sheep & Goat Hunter Resources
Sheep & Goat Hunter Resources

​​​​​​​Bighorn Sheep Herd in Waterton Canyon


​Bighorn sheep and mountain goat hunting in Colorado requires a strong mind and body. Prepare yourself by learning from some of the best! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bighorn Sheep​ Hunting & ID

Sheep Hunting 101

The video provides the basic techniques and strategies for hunting bighorn sheep in Colorado.​


​Sheep Identification

This video shows how to identify the sex and horn size of bighorn sheep to prepare for your upcoming Colorado hunt. ​


Additional Resources

Mountain Goat Hunting & ID

Meeting Population Objectives

​​Mountain goats are relative newcomers to Colorado—they were transplanted during six transplant operations between 1948 and 1972. The 55-60 original transplant animals grew to a statewide population estimate of almost 2,000 by 2005. As populations have increased, hunting has become more important for keeping mountain goat numbers in balance with available habitat. Either-sex licenses have been issued for several years. In a few game management units, however, it has been difficult to meet population objectives without overharvesting males. Consequently, female-only mountain goat licenses may be issued at times in selected hunting units when female harvest on either-sex licenses is not adequate.​ 

Goat Hunting 101

The basic techniques and strategies for hunting mountain goats in Colorado is covered.​


Goat Identification

​Learn how to properly identify sex and horn size for mountain goats. ​


Identification Guide for Male and Female Goats & Quiz

​The Mountain Goat Gender Identification Guide is provided to help hunters identif​y male and female mountain goats. Hunters holding "female-only" mountain goat licenses must become familiar with gender identification of mountain goats to ensure proper harvest and help Colorado Parks and Wildlife meet population objectives.

The Mountain Goat Gender Identification Quiz ​consists of 20 non-scored questions with example photos to test your mountain goat gender identification skills. Quiz answers follow the questions and provide clues and notes as to what to look for in the photos. 

Read the guide, then take the quiz. 

Additional Resources


Sheep & Goat Hunting Regulations & Field Care

NOTE: For the most part, the two videos below apply to both species, but there may be some exceptions. For example: sheep rams need to be plugged and at least 1/2 curl. 

Hunting Regulations

​This video provides the laws and regulations for hunting bighorn sheep and mountain goats in Colorado.​


Field Care

Learn how to properly field dress and care for the meat and hide of bighorn sheep and mountain goats.




These organizations are a welcomed component of CPW's efforts. They work tirelessly to educate the public, and enhance wild sheep and goat habitat by promoting science-based management and sustainable hunting opportunities. Check them out!

Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance 
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society  
Wild Sheep Foundation 



Colorado Bowhunters Association


Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society Presentation

Find out who they are and what they do. Further information: