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Equestrian Information
Equestrian Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Trails at Cheyenne Mountain are multi-use. Be prepared to encounter bicycles and hikers.

Note: Valid vehicle parks passes are required and must be displayed in the windshield of all vehicles at all times. 

Trails may be closed temporarily due to adverse condi​tions or special events. Please check the Park Cond​itions page​ or call 719-576-2016 for current trail or closure conditions.​

Trail Usage​​ Tips

  • Horses​ allowed on designated trails only. There are approximately 6 miles of the trail system, creating a round trip of just under 10 miles.
  • Trail does not loop, it is an out and back route. 
  • Trails gain elevation and terrain is steeper and narrower on the North and South Talon sections.
  • Horses should be kept at a walk at all times.

Access & General Etiquette​

  • Trailer parking and trail access is allowed only at the east end of Limekiln Trailhead parking lot.​
  • Horses may only be tied to the hitching posts provided. Do not tie to trees, signs, fences or structures. Tether lines and hobbles prohibited.
  • Horses are not allowed on sidewalks and cannot be ridden to the bathroom building. Please leave horse at the trailer and walk to the building.​
  • Please muck manure back into the trailer at the parking lot.


  • Do not use trails during adverse conditions, such as mud or snow​, that may damage trails.​
  • Stay on the trail. No cross country travel is allowed. 
  • No carts or endurance training ​allowed.
  • No dogs or livestock other than horses are allowed on trails.​
  • No smoking allowed on trail.​