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Terrain Hopper Program
Terrain Hopper Program
Terrain Hopper with rider

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife values the right of every visitor to experience our state’s natural beauty. To provide this opportunity to the disabled community, Cheyenne Mountain State Park offers Terrain Hoppers®,​ which allow visitors with mobility limitations to explore designated trails within the park. 

The Terrain Hopper allows access to three different loops, utilizing mostly the Talon and Sundance trails. These trails allow visitors beautiful views of Cheyenne Mountain and Colorado Springs, as well as a variety of wildlife, migratory birds, and wildflowers. More information about the routes available can be found in the Terrain Hopper Program Brochure

What is a Terrain Hopper? 

A Terrain Hopper is a mobility aid designed with fun and safety in mind. It is capable of conquering mud, sand, snow, rocks, steep hills, undergrowth, and whatever else may stand in the way of enjoying the trails. With a ground clearance of 10 inches and 35% incline climbing ability, the inaccessible just became accessible. 

How to Reserve the Hopper

​The Terrain Hopper is available for reservation every Friday and Saturday, from Memorial Day Weekend through October 1. There is currently a limit of one hike per day, and reservations are required. Read more information about the program and use the request form to reserve​An account on CPWConnect is required to sign up. There will be a short survey along with the request form so we can ensure that the individual’s needs are met for a successful hike. 

Reservations must be made a minimum of two weeks ahead of time. After your reservation request is received,​​ we will confirm the reservation in a separate email. If you do not have a confirmation email, you do not have a reservation! 

Reserving the Terrain Hopper is free of charge, though a valid parks pass is required on the day of the reservation. To ensure the hiker’s safety, we will require that each hike is guided by a CPW staff member or volunteer.  

Check availability

To check Terrain Hopper availability, see the calendar​

Know Before You Go

  • All hikers must bring an adult companion with them, and there are no exceptions. Companions should be able to walk up to 4 miles without assistance. 
  • CPW staff and volunteers are not able to help with transfers. A hoyer lift and slide boards will be made available, but if additional assistance is needed, the companion person will be responsible. 
  • Dogs are not allowed on trails utilized for Terrain Hopper hikes. The only animals that will be allowed are service animals, which must be leashed and under the control of the companion person. Dogs are not permitted inside the Terrain Hopper, and hikers should not be holding a leash while the machine is occupied.
  • Children are welcome to hike alongside the Terrain Hopper, but they are not allowed to sit in the lap of someone utilizing it. 
  • Entering a reservation request on CPWConnect does not confirm your reservation, you will receive a separate confirmation email. 
  • Please dress appropriately to spend time outdoors in changing weather. You may wish to bring a raincoat, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a water bottle. 
  • Please wear closed toed shoes if possible. 
  • Please arrive at the Limekiln parking lot 15 minutes ahead of your reservation time for a safety briefing and a practice lap in the Terrain Hopper.​

Get Involved

Are you interested in leading guided hikes with the Terrain Hopper in Cheyenne Mountain State Park? We are looking for volunteers! Find more information and apply to be a volunteer. An account with CPWConnect is required to volu​nteer. ​


All Terrain Hopper reservations are tentative, and are subject to change to cancellation by park staff for any reason including inclement weather. 

For detailed information to help prepare you for your Terrain Hopper experience at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, please view the Terrain Hopper information brochure​, or contact the park at​, or at 719-576-2016.