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Action Committee for Eldorado
Action Committee for Eldorado

​Climbers should be leaders in environmental responsibility. Help protect Eldorado by volunteering for trail maintenance and resource reclamation projects. Call the park office for more information at (303) 494-3943.

The Action Committee for Eldorado (ACE) is committed to protecting Eldorado Canyon State Park and promoting environmentally responsible climbing. ACE is a non-profit corporation comprised of climbers from local and national climbing organizations as well as other volunteers.

Each year ACE raises thousands of dollars and recruits and supervises scores of volunteers to support a wide variety of vital park projects.

ACE's Fixed Hardware Review Committee (FHRC) advises the Park on applications for new bolt and piton placements by representing views of the local climbing community. The goal is to preserve the character of existing routes while allowing limited development of new fixed gear routes. New committee members are appointed annually by ACE.

If you would like to be involved with ACE or FHRC, please visit the ACE Web site or write ACE at P.O. Box 337, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025 or e-mail: Call the Park for more details.

Please support ACE's annual fall "Celebrate Eldorado"  event by donating your time and money.