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Film and Photography Permits
Film and Photography Permits
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Eldorado Canyon State Park is known for its breathtaking vistas and world class rock climbing. The Park has been captured as a backdrop for everything from television commercials, magazine advertisements, store catalogs, documentaries, to graduation and wedding photographs.

In order to prevent harm to the resource or significant disruption to visitor experience, the following guidelines have been established for the permitting of filming and photographic activities within the park boundaries.

Permits are NOT required for any film, video, or still photography, if:

  • ​Visitors taking film or photos for their own personal use.

  • News media filming current events or breaking news. In these cases, the Park Manager may restrict access, if necessary, in order to protect park resources and the rights and safety of park visitors.

Park Manager approved permits are REQUIRED in advance for film, video, or still photography, if:

  • ​Photos or video are to be used for any financial gain, including advertisement, by a company, organization, or individual.

    Examples (not comprehensive): Still images of rock formations sold to a magazine by a scenic photographer, wedding photos taken by a professional portrait photographer, rock climbing demonstration video used for educational purposes, photos to be used to advertise a product in a catalog.

  • The activity requires access to any area or facility within the Park normally closed to the visiting public.

    Example: Photo shoot conducted outside of normal Park operation hours.

  • The activity is deemed by the Park Manager to interfere with park operations, visitor experience, or requires involvement of park staff.

    Example: Temporary closure that limits access to an area normally open for public enjoyment, Park Rangers needed to reroute traffic during a temporary trail closure for a photo shoot.

  • The activity involves props, models, professional crews and casts or set dressings.

Restricted Activities

The following activities are prohibited without advance written approval on a case-by-case basis by the Park Manager: 

  • Photography or filming on weekends or holidays, April through September.

  • Drone use

  • Use of children or animals

  • Discharge of blank or live ammunition

  • Mechanical or pyrotechnic special effects

  • Stunts

  • Amplified music

  • Photography inside interiors of park employee housing or administrative or work areas

  • Generators placed within 100 feet of occupied buildings or ecologically sensitive areas.

  • Partial or full closure of any park facility, trail, climbing access or route, or road for any length of time.

Please note that the permit does not include authority to film or photograph park visitors unless agreed to by the visitor and a signed release is obtained by the permittee.

Prohibited Activities 

The following activities violating any state law, particularly any Colorado Parks and Wildlife statute or regulation, are prohibited:

  • Altering, damaging, or removing vegetation or any object of geological, ecological, or cultural value on state park property.

  • Vehicle use off established roadways or parking areas.

  • Use of insecticides, herbicides, or pesticides.

  • Generators or other loud noises that may disturb the peace or enjoyment of the park.

  • Smoking in any state building or other non-designated area.

  • Public indecency or nudity.

  • Harassment of wildlife, such as feeding, teasing or chasing wildlife. Captured wildlife from elsewhere may not be used in any in-park filming or photography.

  • Inhumane treatment of domestic animals.

Fee Schedule

The fee for each activity is determined by the Park Manager and the criteria taken into consideration are listed below. 

Criteria to be considered when establishing a fee includes:

  • Length of use

  • Magnitude of activity (size of crew, number of vehicles, size of area to be used, magnitude of impact on normal public use of the park)

  • Uniqueness of the resource

  • Existing facility use fee (i.e. if permittee desires to rent the Visitor Center conference room, they must pay the required use fee).

  • Damage to park resources

  • Park staff requirements

  • Other unique issues related to photography or filming project.

How to Apply

To inquire or apply for a permit at Eldorado Canyon State Park, please fill out the Special Use Photography Permit Request Form and someone from our office will be in touch.

For additional questions contact the park office at or call 303-494-3943. Completed permits must be submitted 90 days before the event, otherwise, an expedite fee for processing may be charged or the permit may be denied.

NOTE: To inquire or apply for a permit for any Colorado State Park, other than Eldorado Canyon, please contact that Park directly.