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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parks Passes

  • Daily Vehicle Pass: $10
  • Individual Daily Pass: $4
  • Annual Pass (Non-transferable): $80
  • Annual Multiple Pass (Additional vehicles in household): $40
  • Hangtag Pass (transferrable): $120 
  • Aspen Leaf Annual Pass (64+ Colorado Res., Non-transferable)​: $70
  • Aspen Leaf Multiple Pass (Additional vehicles in household)​: $35​

​When the entrance station is staffed, you may use Visa, MC, or Discover, as well as cash. 

Outside of staffed hours, please use the self pay station. Accepted forms of payment include; exact cash or a credit card (Visa, MC, or Discover).  Please note: the self pay kiosk does not accept debit card payment.  Vouchers for annual and hangtag passes maybe purchased at the self pay station, but must be redeemed for the pass within 30 days of purchase at a CPW office.

For more information on passes, including purchasing mul​tiple vehicle passes, large quantity discounts and specialty passes such as disability, military, etc, see the Parks Pass Information page.​​​​

​All fees are in-addition to park pass/​​ent​​​rance fees and priced per-day unless otherwise noted.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Conference Rooms

  • Visitor Center Meeting Room: $125/day.

For details, see the Meeting Room page​​ or call 303-494-3943 x12.

Other Activities

Filming and ​Photography Permits

Fees vary depending on the scope of the project. For more information pleas​​e see the Filming and Photography Permits page​.

The Parks and Wildlife Commission has the authority to raise daily individual/walk-in or vehicle entry fees by up to $1 per year, and annual passes up to $10 per year.