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TrackChair / Adaptive Programs
TrackChair / Adaptive Programs
Female, Megan Miller, high fiving male, David Sussman, who sits in the TrackChair. Both are from Telluride Adaptive.

​​​​​TrackChair ​and MobiChair Programs Information


Colorado Parks and Wildlife values the right of every visitor to experience our state’s natural beauty. To provide this opportunity to the visitors experiencing disabilities​, Ridgway State Park offers Action Track Chairs®, which allow visitors with limited mobility to explore designated trails in the park. 

We have two year-round TrackChairs that can go on four trails at the park.

  • Forest Discovery
  • The Overlook
  • Mear's Bay
  • Wapiti to the Sunset Ridge Overlook


MobiChair at the water's edge of Ridgway Reservoir in front of MobiMat.

The park also offers MobiChairs for accessible swimming and wading at the Swim Beach. MobiChair® is a high quality floating beach wheelchair that floats thanks to its wheels and armrests for use on sand and soft surfaces.  DMS’ MobiChair® floating beach wheelchair is designed with everyone in mind: wheelchair users, people with special needs, or even children can benefit from the convenience, portability and comfort of the MobiChair®.

How to Make a Reservation

Reservations can be made in advance for 2 hour time blocks. See the Track Chair Availability Calendar below.​

Reserve a TrackChair or MobiChair u​sing the TrackChair/MobiChair Reservation Form.

Volunteer to Help with Track and MobiChairs​CPW volunteer, Sean Teague, and David Sussman, from Telluride Adaptive, demonstrate the TrackChair.

Interested in becoming a volunteer and guiding Track Chair and MobiChair excursions? Fill out the TrackChair/MobiChair Volunteer Form​.

Accessible Paddleboard

In the summer months, Ridgway State Park also has an accessible paddleboard. The SOLFiesta Paddle Board​ is 5’6” wide and 15' 6” long, with mounted rings to mount a variety of accessible supports.  Please inquire with Ridgway State Park at the Blue Heron Marina to coordinate reserving the Accessible Paddleboard. The Phone Number is 970-318-9689.

Track Chair Availability Calendar​