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School Programs
School Programs
Roxborough volunteer leads a group of school age children on a hike through Roxborough State Park.

​​​​​​​​​Nestled between the plains and mountains, Roxborough is the ideal place to bring school groups. 

  • All school programs at Roxborough are designed with the 2009 state education standards in mind to accommodate your curriculum needs. We will addressing the new state curriculum standards in the near future.
  • Our park offers the unsurpassed beauty of a billion years of geologic history. 
  • Roxborough's unique location, nestled between the plains and mountains, provides an ideal environment for abundant wildlife and plant communities. 
  • Coyote, deer, golden eagles, red fox, bear, and mountain lion share this natural haven with a landscape resplendent with montane, shrublands, grassland, and riparian ecosystems.

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About Our Programs

PreK/K/1st Grade

The Wildlife of Roxborough

Theme—Every niche holds clues about Roxborough's wildlife.

Wildlife is abundant at Roxborough. Clues of their presence are found on the trails, in their scat, in their homes, and within the footprints they leave behind. Through these clues you can discover what they ate, where they walked and with whom they made their journey. Come along on our journey that will answer the questions, "Who lives here and why?

Student Outcomes

  • Understand the rules of the trail, safety precautions, and the value of working together as a group.

    Recognize clues about animal life, as found in scat.

  • Describe the many types of homes wildlife inhabit.

  • Identify animals by examining their footprints.

  • Relate how the features of animal are reflective of their lifestyle.

  • Understand that animals can be identified and categorized into groups with the same or similar characteristics. (K-1st Grade)

Standards and Expectations Introduced:

  • Pre-school: SC09-GR.PRE-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • SS09-GR.PRE-S.2-GLE.1;

  • PE09-GR.PRE-S.1-GLE.1; S.2-GLE.1; S.4-GLE.1;

  • Kindergarten: SC09-GR.K-S.2-GLE.1;

  • PE09-GR.K-S.1-GLE.1; S.2-GLE.1; S.3-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.K-S.1-GLE.1; S.2-GLE.1; S.3-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • 1st Grade: SC09-GR.1-S.2-GLE.2;

  • SS09-GR.1-S.2-GLE.1;

  • PE09-GR.1-S.2-GLE.1; S.3-GLE.1; GLE.2; S.4-GLE.1.

2nd/3rd Grade

The Plant Life of Roxborough

Theme—Roxborough's plant life paints the landscape with colorful hues throughout the seasons.

Plant life exists in many forms including seeds, flowers, trees, shrubs, grasses, and mosses. This hike will focus on identifying many of these plants, how they have adapted, and contribute to the local environment.

Student Outcomes

  • Recognize the way plants reproduce.

  • Understand the different ways that seeds disperse.

  • Understand how seed dispersal is linked to weather and wildlife factors.

  • Identify physical and life cycle characteristics of a plant and plant population.

  • Identify how plants and plant populations have adapted to a habitat.

Standards and Expectations Introduced:

  • 2nd Grade: SC09-GR.2-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2.

  • SS09-GR.2-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.2-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2; S.3-GLE.1;

  • 3rd Grade: SC09-GR.3-S.2-GLE.1;

  • SS09-GR.3-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2; S.3-GLE.1.

3rd/4th Grade

The Fossils & Geologic Systems of Roxborough

Theme—Every rock and sediment layer has a unique story waiting to be told.

Roxborough's geology and fossil evidence represents 1.2 billion years of history. See how the forces of weathering, erosion, geologic uplift, and time have shaped the landscape and environments of the past and of what we see today.

Student Outcomes

  • Recognize the physical changes of geologic formations.

    Understand how time and geologic materials work together to change the physical landscape.

  • Understand complex geologic processes.

  • Understand that theories change as new evidence is discovered. (3rd Grade)

  • Understand geologic materials can be broken down and are resources for a variety of human activities. (3rd/4th Grade)

  • Identify plant and animal fossils. Use geologic evidence to determine how they adapted to their environment and were different from today's organisms. (3rd/4th Grade)

Standards and Expectations Introduced:

  • 3rd Grade: SC09-GR.3-S.3-GLE.1;

  • SS09-GR.3-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2; S.4-GLE.1;

  • PE09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2; S.3-GLE.1;

  • 4th Grade: SC09-GR.4-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2; GLE.3;

  • SS09-GR.4-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.4-S.2-GLE.1; S.4-GLE.1.

5th/6th Grade

The Geology of Roxborough

Theme—Roxborough reveals clues to an ancient Denver.

Roxborough's geology represents 1.2 billion years of history. The formations along the Front Range have undergone geologic uplift, erosion, and lithification. The geology of the area has influenced human activity for thousands of years. The formations and landscape represented here gives us a glimpse into an ancient and more recent Denver.

Student Outcomes

  • Recognize the physical changes of geologic formations.

  • Understand how time and geologic materials work together to change the physical landscape.

  • Understand complex geologic processes.

  • Identify plant and animal fossils. Use geologic evidence to determine how they adapted to their environment and were different from today's organisms.

  • Interpret the area's physical history based on the geology influenced human activity.

Standards and Expectations Introduced:

  • 5th Grade: SC09-GR.5-S.3-GLE.2;

  • SS09-GR.5-S.1-GLE.1; GLE.2; S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.5-S.3-GLE.2; GLE.3;

  • 6th Grade: SC09-GR.6-S.3-GLE.1;

  • SS09-GR.6-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.6-S.1-GLE.2; S.3-GLE.1; GLE.2.

4th/5th/6th Grade

The Ecosystems of Roxborough

Theme—From grassland to treeline, the ecosystems of Roxborough are shaped by a variety of conditions.

There are four distinct ecosystems at Roxborough State Park: riparian, grasslands, shrubland and montane. The transition zones that blend them enhance the park's beauty. Variations of the park are due to differences in elevation, soil type, topography, and water availability. Human movement into an area also influences ecosystems and transition zones. This hike provides an in-depth look at these incredible living environments.

Student Outcomes

  • Distinguish between 4 different ecosystems.

  • Recognize ecotones are transitions between and a blend of communities.

  • Understand that ecosystems are a direct result of how elevation, soil type, topography, climate, and moisture interact with the area.

  • Understand how the relationship between people and the environment have changed over time and how it affects ecosystems. (5th/ 6th Grade)

Standards and Expectations Introduced:

  • 4th Grade: SC09-GR.4-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.3;

  • SS09-GR.4-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.4-S.2-GLE.1; S.4-GLE.1;

  • 5th Grade: SC09-GR.5-S.2-GLE.1;

  • SS09-GR.5-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.5-S.3-GLE.2;

  • 6th Grade: SC09-GR.6-S.2-GLE.1; GLE.2;

  • SS09-GR.6-S.1-GLE.1; S.2-GLE.2;

  • PE09-GR.6-S.1-GLE.2; S.3-GLE.1; GLE.2.

Guided Hike Information

All program hikes take place on the Fountain Valley or Willow Creek trails.

  • Scheduling for spring and summer guided hikes begins on August 1 and fall scheduling begins on January 1. Schedule early to ensure a reservation.

  • Class size capacity is 60 people.

  • Naturalist to student ratio is 1 to 10.

  • The program length is 1.5—2.5 hours.

  • All hikes take place on the Fountain Valley or Willow Creek Trails.

  • Pre and post-visit activities are provided on request.

  • There is no charge for programs, however, donations are appreciated.

  • There is an entry fee of $10 per vehicle for non-profit organizations. Please inquire about the fee schedule if you are a for-profit group.

  • No picnic facilities in the park.

  • Daily park's pass purchased here is accepted at Chatfield State Park for entry. Chatfield has lunch facilities. Their swim beach is open during the summer.

​For additional school scheduling information, please contact: 

Roxborough Visitor Center

Phone: (303) 973-3959 or 


Roxborough State Park. 4751 E. Roxborough Drive. Roxborough, CO 80125