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​​​​​​​It’s really high-tech hide-and-seek.  Visitors track down “caches” hidden in the park using GPS technology. GPS units are available for rent at the Moose Visitor Center for $10 per day.  For more information, visit the park visitor center. Have fun!

Custer Draw Geocache

Easy! Custer Draw is accessed off of County Road 41 or Bull Mountain Road.  "Out in the field". Best suited for: foot, bike, horse, 2wd or 4wd, OHV and snowmobiles in the winter.


N 40° 35.361
W 106° 01.570

Diamond Peaks Geocache

Challenging! OHV only! Diamond Peaks is accessed off of Highway 14 or Bockman Road.  A true OHV experience.  You will encounter lots of rocks and dips. Best suited for: motorcycle and OHV.


N 40° 31.040
W 105° 55.725

Gould Loop via Ranger Lakes Geocache

Easy! This cache is accessed from Ranger Lakes on the Gould Loop Trail.  The hike will take you along the middle fork of the Michigan River, which is great moose habitat.  Permitted use:  foot, bike, horse, ski and snowshoe. 


N 40° 30.293
W 105° 58.848

Ranger Lakes Nature Cache

Easy! This cache located near the lakes. The hike will take you along the nature trail with beautiful views and you may spot a moose.  Permitted use: foot, bike, ski and snowshoe. 


N 40° 30.059
W 105° 58.068​

Grass Creek/Gould Mountain Geocache

Challenging! Grass Creek Road on Gould Mountain is accessed off of County Road 41 - take the right fork to the south side of N. Michigan Reservoir to Grass Creek road. Permitted use: foot, bike, horse, OHV, 4WD.  The view is breath taking.  Listen to your echo after you find the cache.


N 40° 32.177
W 105° 59.479

Kelly's Cache

Challenging! This cache is in honor of Mr. Kelly who lived year round in the high country during the late 1800s.  Kelly Lake and Kelly Creek are named after him. This one is located at 11,000 ft. elevation. The hike to Kelly Lake is 7 miles one way. The Canadian River trailhead is at the end of County Road 41- follow the signs to Kelly Lake.  Have fun with this cache, enjoy the awesome flowers along the way.  Permitted use: foot, bike, and horse.


N 40° 37.286
W 105° 57.523

Moose Visitor Center Cache

Easy! Before you search for this one, learn more about our history and Moose in the area by viewing the interpretive displays at the Moose Visitor Center. 


N 40° 30.698
W 106° 00.615

Teepee on Bull Mountain Geocache

Moderate! Bull Mountain Road is accessed off of County Road 41 around the North Michigan Reservoir. Best suited for: foot, bike, OHV, 4wd and snowmobiling in the winter.


N 40° 33.424
W 105° 59.517

Mountain View Geocache

Easy! The Mountain View Trail is on County Road 41 across from the Moose Viewing deck. Great views - just follow the moose signs.  Permitted use:  foot, bike & horse.


N 40° 38.878
W 106° 1.523

Crags Trail Geocache

Moderate! Take the trail out of the Crags campground (between sites 519 and 516) toward Lake Agnes. This trail is a non-motorized/foot trail only.  The hike towards the geocache is challenging. This cache is at an elevation of over 10,000 feet.


N 40° 29.953
W 105° 52.882

Pennock Trail Geocache

Easy! Pennock Trail is accessed off of County Road 41.  Best suited for:  foot, bike, horse, ski and snowshoe.


N 40° 33.384
W 105° 58.515

Ruby Jewel Geocache

Challenging! The Ruby Jewel trail is 4WD and accessed off of County Road 41. Most passenger vehicles can travel the first two miles to the Ruby Jewel Yurt parking area. 4x4’s may be able to continue another 2 miles where the route ends and the trailhead starts. From the trailhead the hike to Jewel Lake is 1.5 miles. Permitted use from trailhead: foot, bike and horse.


N 40° 36.059
W 105° 56.307

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail Geocache

Easy! Take the nature trail located on County Road 41. This is a non-motorized trail only. Enjoy wildflowers and beautiful views.  Permitted use from trailhead: foot, bike and horse.


N 40° 33.062
W 106° 01.355

​​American Lakes Geocache
Challenging! The theme for this cache is "What America Means to you!"  A nation built on hopes dreams, hard work and giving of self. Follow signs from the Crags campground entrance to the American Lakes trailhead. Permitted use from trailhead: foot, bike and horse. 


N 40° 28.874

W 105° 53.071

Clear Lake Geocache
Challenging! For those who enjoy remote locations and high country caches - this one is at 11,000 ft after a 10-mile hike. This is a non-motorized trail. Begin at the Canadian River Trailhead at the end of County Road 41 and follow signs to the Kelly Lake trailhead. Permitted use from trailhead: foot, bike and horse. 


N 40° 39.252

W 105° 58.163

​​​Kiwi Road/Fortress Rock Geocache
​​Challenging! Access Kiwi Road from County Road 41 - take Bull Mountain road to Kiwi Road. Permitted use: foot, bike, horse, ski and snowshoe. 
​N 40° 33.631

​W 106° 00.465​